Sugar and cancer, what’s the connection?

What is the connection between sugar and cancer? On the internet and in the media, the issue between cancer and sugar remains to be a source of speculation that induces anxiety for the general public. The quick answer is the every cell in the body is fed by glucose. Thus, for the function of your entire system, it is important that the body has more than a few strategies for keeping levels of sugar in the blood normal. Your body will create sugar from fat, protein and other sources even without carbohydrates in the diet.

Avoiding Carbohydrates

The concept that the growth of cancerous cells is fed by sugar has caused some people to avoid every type of food that has carbs. For anyone striving to maintain their weight while undergoing cancer treatment, this is counterproductive. Plus, there is stress created by anxiety trying to avoid sugar completely. The flight or fight mechanism increases hormone production that suppresses immune functions and raises sugar levels in the blood. This is what might reduce the benefits of sugar elimination.

Sugar and Insulin

Studies show that the relationship of sugar to higher levels of insulin and other factors of growth is what most influences the growth of cancerous cells. It also increases the risks of other diseases that are chronic. There are a lot of insulin receptors in many types of cancer cells which causes them to overly respond to the way insulin is able to promote growth, even more than the regular cells.

It’s Not Just You

If thinking about the link between sugar and cancer gives you stress, you are not alone. Sugar is a simple carbohydrate and many diets see it as a diet villain. It can be overwhelming to try and digest the volume of information. At times, it can also be misleading.

Carbohydrates which turns into glucose are the body’s primary source of fuel. In your bloodstream, you require normal glucose levels to maintain the function of the body. Natural sugars come from dairy products, vegetables and fruits. Added sugar comes from man-made food and affect health tremendously.

Calories You Don’t Need

Added sugar in fast food, junk food and beverages give you more calories than you need each day. This causes weight gain and all the ill effects of obesity. The fact that there is a well-established link between many different types of cancer and obesity is the culprit. Consuming foods that are dense in energy and sugary drink will increase your risk of cancer related to obesity.

How Much is Too Much?

For men, the American Heart Association recommends a maximum of nine teaspoons daily and for women, it is six teaspoons daily. Whenever possible, reduce processed food and eat whole food instead. For instance, canned peaches have sugar syrup but a fresh peach is whole food.

The link between sugar and cancer has not been directly established. However, the link between obesity and cancer has been established. Since sugar is loaded with calories and causes obesity, sugar consumption is thus directly proportional to an increase in cancer risk.

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