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Why is New Hope’s treatment facility in Mexico instead of the United States?

Currently, Mexico allows many more cancer treatment options than the United States. By partnering with a facility in Mexico, New Hope patients are given access to treatments that have been researched and developed from other countries. Some of New Hope Unlimited’s treatment protocols originated in countries such as Germany, Israel, Italy, China, Mexico, Peru, Columbia, as well as others.

Why do I need to be in a hospital?

The treatment plan is individualized to fit your specific needs. Each program is designed to fit your diagnosis, age, and health condition. With 24-hour care, the medical team is able to observe the patient’s health status and can adjust protocols as needed. This is a truly personalized protocol treatment plan.

How are the meals at the hospital?

Three healthy meals a day are served along with healthy snacks. Most of the food is organic. Our meal staff is very accommodating, so you can request a food you prefer as long as it is healthy. Also, the water is safe to drink — it is actually acquired from United States sources.

Can I bring a family member or caregiver?

Yes! We encourage you to bring someone who can support you in your journey. There is an extra bed in each patient’s room for a caregiver or family member to stay with you. They are also provided with meals and snacks at no extra cost. If you are planning to bring someone with you for your visit, please notify us as soon as possible so we can make arrangements.

What will my hospital room be like?

You will stay in a private room with a bathroom. There is a TV in every room with english-speaking channels and a DVD player. Also, free Wi-Fi is available, so be sure to bring your laptop or other wireless device. No electrical adapters are needed at the hospital.

What clothes should I pack?

Be sure to pack comfortable clothes that you would normally “wear around the house.” The hospital staff will launder your clothes for you if needed. Typical weather in San Luis is warm to hot and since San Luis is considered a desert area, it hardly ever rains.

Do I need a passport?

Yes. If you do not have a passport please let us know as soon as possible. We will be happy to assist you in preparing and filing your application.

How will I get to the hospital from the airport?

A member of the hospital staff will greet you at the airport. We will pick you up and return you to the airport at the appropriate times. You will always be with a staff member coming and going across the border so there is no confusion.

How much money should I bring other than the treatment charge?

There is great shopping in the area for those that want to get out and play. Nearly every business in this area accepts US currency. There is a park, restaurants, an english movie theater, a gym, and a wonderful spa nearby. There is also an excellent dentist that charges approximately 10% of the average American dental fees. This could be a great time for a cleaning or other dental work. Also, there are several churches close to the hospital. Other than what you choose to spend, there are no additional charges unless you elect to have surgery or some other type of program offered at the hospital. There is no need to spend money for a hotel room, extra food, or rental car (unless you want to).

What happens when I go home?

We have an at-home aftercare program that begins once you return home from the hospital. New Hope’s RN will be calling you regularly to monitor your progress. Also, you can call us at any time with questions or concerns. We offer a supplement program that is customized specifically for you. The 4 month (16 week) Antibody Cancer Treatment will be administered at home. The instructions will be given to you before you leave the hospital. You will need to have your primary physician order routine blood work and x-rays as needed. It is important to maintain these tests so that we can monitor your progress. We will be glad to share our IV protocols with your primary physician if s/he would like to review your treatment program. However, not all of these protocols can be sent due to strict US regulations. At New Hope Unlimited, we believe that recovery is a team effort, and we should all be on your team!

Will I need to come back to the hospital more than once?

It is our goal that this will be the only trip you need to make. However, we always welcome our patients back. Many people elect to come back for “boosters” or detoxification programs. We do not have different phases that you must return to complete. Ideally, you will get where you need to be in order for your body to heal in the comfort of your home.

stop feeling helpless to your disease... you still have options!


stop feeling helpless to your disease... you still have options!