The Journey to NHU

The Journey to NHU

0:34 (woman1)
Let’s say you’re not allowed to

0:36 (woman2)
Remember when we were in there they told us we had to we had to take our put our phones away.

0:41 (woman1)
So Gustavo, what town are we in?

Gustavo 0:44
We are in San Luis Mexico.

0:46 (woman1)
San Luis Mexico

Gustavo 0:47
Yeah, the state of Sonora

0:49 (woman1)
What done?

0:50 (woman2)
Stem cells

0:51 (woman1)
Stem cells in her hip. So she’s got she’s going to have bone marrow removed from her spine

0:58 (woman2)
Stem cells removed from the bone marrow

1:00 (woman1)
And stem cells removed from the bone marrow

1:02 (woman2)
Put it to the hip

1:03 (woman1)
And put it to the hip

1:11 (woman1)
That’s a cool little player here.

1:14 (woman2)
Oh in here? Yeah. When we saw that last time everything. It’s a medical over here.

1:23 (woman2)
Labs. Not a dentistry. Is that the big thing dentistry?

1:31 (woman1)
versus chemo and chemicals you come down here to new hope

1:35 (woman2)
and they try to they try to fix your immune system so your your body can fight it off itself.

Gustavo 1:49
Here we are

1:50 (woman2)
Here we are

1:51 (woman1)
Here we are

2:17 (woman1)
Okay, so this is the room that we’re going to be in. And if you’re ready to come down for any kind of alternative treatments, for cancer. Not chemo but alternative, natural. This is just an example of one of the rooms and the people here are just so nice.

3:15 (woman1)
So we got back to the room and they had two squeezed juices for us. I can taste celery I don’t know what else is in there. What else is in that? Celery and what? Do you know?

3:27 (man1)
Which one? This?

3:27 (woman1)
Yeah, ahuh

3:28 (woman2)

3:28 (man1)
I, I never I’ve never tried them to be honest. Really. I tried only I try only one and use the blueberries. That’s this. The rest

3:38 (woman1)
Is it pomegranate and celery or

3:41 (woman2)
I don’t think so

3:41 (woman1)
I don’t know, beet.

3:43 (woman2)
I like beet.

3:44 (woman1)
So upstairs are the rooms if you walk down this hallway is where the dining rooms at. Here’s everything organic and healthy. Kitchens in there. And then strawberry water. And what we have today?

4:05 (woman1)
Oh my goodness.

4:06 (woman2)
It’s salad

4:08 (woman1)
So it’s eating healthy. What soup is that?

4:14 (woman2)
Uh, it’s squash? Himalayan sea salt.

4:17 (woman1)
Himalayan sea salt and on our strawberry water.

4:36 (woman1)
Here, everywhere you go they’re like that.

4:57 (woman2)
Oh yeah, no. That’s what I’m saying a little bizarre.

5:21 (woman1)
So we are in a hospital room an actual hospital room not New Hope.

5:43 (woman1)
I have to say really impressed with everything I see down here.

4:58 (woman2)
You might want to stay there. Thanks.

6:12 (woman1)
At least they provide more storage and stuff if you’re here for a period of time what

6:29 (woman1)
So we just got radiology and X ray, making sure everything’s okay

6:34 (woman2)

6:35 (woman1)
And then now we’re heading back to New Hope.

6:44 (woman2)
My stem cells are ready now they’ll stuff them in my hip

Doctor 6:53
This is going to hurt a little bit

6:55 (woman2)
Oh, they hurt me all morning. Come on. Come on.

Doctor 6:59
Oh, don’t say that.

Doctor 7:18
It’s gonna hurt. It hurts?

7:34 (woman2)
He is the boss of this.

Doctor 7:39
10 millimeters. We cannot do more than this, because it would be a lot of liquid a lot of volumes to finish rolling inside a joint. That means a lot of pressure.

Doctor 8:54
An inch. So so we we know we’re inside the joint.

8:59 (woman2)
Got you.

9:08 (woman1)
So the treatment went well and Gustavo is taken us back to the hotel in Yuma. So going back across, we bypass that entire lane the traffic, which is super long, and we’re just going to come up here and we get through here and now I gotta put my camera