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New Hope Unlimited's administrative and medical teams are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive treatment of chronic degenerative diseases and immune disorders. Each of our lives has been touched by illness, whether through the illness of a family member or our own illness. This is why we are continually developing progressive new treatment strategies that focus on the health of the body as well as the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of the patient and their family members. What does this mean to you?

The New Hope Unlimited cancer treatment program is designed with a personal approach to treating patients, offering a warm and caring atmosphere where every staff member focuses on the needs of the individual patient. Our medical treatment programs are designed to concentrate on the person as a whole, while at the same time addressing the symptoms of the disease and its causal factors. Also, we understand the importance of family and spiritual support, so family members are always welcome (and encouraged) in our facilities.

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Meet Your Cancer Care Team

Highly Qualified, Compassionate and Dedicated. Our medical team will guide you and your family throughout the treatment process - from the time you come in to the time we all arrive at the best possible outcome for you.

Dr. Jose Pacheco - New Hope Unlimited

Dr. Jose Pacheco
Medical Director

New Hope Unlimited is proud to have Dr. Jose Pacheco as its Medical Director. Since completing his education at Universidad Xochicalco, a prestigious medical university in Ensenada, and the Mexican Institute of Social Security, he has quickly become a highly respected physician in the medical community that shows a constant dedication to improving his patients’ quality of life. Dr. Pacheco regularly works with several local hospitals and acts as a physician to San Luis’ Police Headquarters. His post-university studies have included Cancer Diagnosis in Children, Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Cardiology, among others.

Dr. Cesar Magallanes - New Hope Unlimited

Dr. Cesar Magallanes
Chief of Staff

New Hope Unlimited is excited to add Dr. Cesar Magallanes to its medical team as Chief of Staff. New Hope’s patients will tell you that his upbeat attitude and extensive medical knowledge has been a vital part of their recovery. Dr. Magallanes also completed his studies at Universidad Xochicalco and the Mexican Institute of Social Security, and is currently in the process of earning his U.S. Medical License. His additional studies include Cardiology, Emergency Surgery, and Cancer Diagnosis in Children, among others.

Dr. Carmela Mitani - New Hope Unlimited

Dr. Carmela Mitani

Dr. Jonathan Muro - New Hope Unlimited

Dr. Jonthan Muro
Surgeon / Gastroenterologist

Dr. Carlos Ramos - New Hope Unlimited

Dr. Carlos Ramos

Dr. David Sanchez - New Hope Unlimited

Dr. David Sanchez Surgical Oncologist

stop feeling helpless to your disease... you still have options!


stop feeling helpless to your disease... you still have options!

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