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Conventional medical professionals say their form of medicine is the best. Alternative medical professionals claim their form of medicine is the best. At New Hope Unlimited, we believe that they’re both correct. New Hope Unlimited’s medical strategies for treating cancer, ALS, lupus, and other illnesses combines scientifically-based, research proven therapies from both worlds of medicine to create a truly holistic treatment option that can be effective with fewer negative side effects.

Our treatment strategy

Treatment and strategy that is simple yet effective

New Hope Unlimited Cancer Treatment Program


Administrative treatment to relieve the symptoms of the disease.

Causes of Cancer

cause of the disease

Address and diminish the root cause of the disease.

Cancer Patient Support


Support the patient to maintain an overall wellbeing.

Cancer Patient Lifestyle Education

educate and encourage

Educate and encourage the patient to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle in an effort to prevent recurrence.

The New Hope Treatment Method is a holistic treatment plan that focuses primarily on research-based alternative medical care coupled with effective conventional treatments that are aggressive but non-invasive. The goal of the New Hope Treatment Method is to protect and strengthen the body’s own natural defense systems, which in turn will work alongside the medical therapies to eliminate the disease.

New Hope Unlimited’s basic treatment program includes IV therapy, detoxification methods of the body, dietary and lifestyle improvements, and various other therapies that support the body’s normal metabolic processes. Additional treatments may be discussed with the patient based on personal needs. All treatment programs are developed and expanded upon by the Medical Team, creating a completely individualized treatment program for each patient.

At New Hope Unlimited, we know that disease does not just work during normal business hours. Because of this, patients that enroll in New Hope Unlimited’s treatment program receive constant care and monitoring from a full-service 24-hour medical staff. Also, we understand that this can be a difficult, stressful time for our patients. Our warm and caring staff will do everything possible to make sure you feel at home. In addition to this, we strongly encourage patients to travel with a loved one (we prefer to call them “Your Champion”) to share in your treatment experience. Your Champion can stay with you at the hospital for the duration of your treatment and is provided with sleeping arrangements and meals for no extra charge.

stop feeling helpless to your disease... you still have options!


stop feeling helpless to your disease... you still have options!


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