Prostate Cancer Herbal Remedies

There had been plenty of debates regarding natural versus traditional cancer treatments. Cancer alternative treatment centers often recommend the use of plant-based medicines and other organic approaches in treating various cancers. The often logical scientific community is still wary of implementing herbal remedies but there had been a number of former cancer patients who stated that using plant-based therapies were effective in alleviating the symptoms of the disease. Organic, natural remedies for prostate cancer are grounded on correct nourishment. Antioxidants, herbs, minerals and vitamins are often a crucial component for these therapies. Natural treatments for prostate cancer include plants like:

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is popular for its anabolic attributes and essentially it is also implemented in curing diseases like benign prostatic hypertrophy, also known as BPH. Saw palmetto functions by stopping the production of growth-provoking dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which can in turn, lead to the body’s estrogen level reduction.

There had also reports wherein saw palmetto was considered to be even more effective in handling a hypertrophied prostate in comparison with Proscar, a prescription medicine. The studies also debated that utilizing this particular herb is more remarkable than implementing the use of Proscar because this specific prescription medication is costly and is also linked with side effects like erectile dysfunction.


Prostate cancer alternative treatments include plants like pygeum. This is an herb found in Africa and comes from tree barks. Pygeum was said to contain rich amounts of chemicals that hinders the synthesis of DHT and is also beneficial in the treatment of hypertrophied prostate.


Sulforaphane is a compound that is mainly found on vegetables like broccoli. It is available in supplement form. Studies have shown that sulforaphane is responsible for cutting off the the oxygenation process required for cancerous cells to multiply. Stopping this particular procedure will make those abnormal cells from reproducing.

Soy Protein

Soy protein were found out to contain daidzein and genistein. They are isoflavones that stop the development of cancerous cells. They also contain androgenic substances and these properties function by inhibiting the quantity of testosterone emitted. Like sulforaphane, soy protein is available in the market as a supplement. You can also get soy protein in foods like edamame or tofu.

Other Herbs For Prostate Cancer:

Cernilton is an herbal remedy that comes from rye pollen extracts and it is employed in the treatment of prostatitis and BPH. Meanwhile stinging nettles are also utilized in the treatment of prostate cancer. Several natural cures for prostate cancer and other diseases of the prostate often entail the help of antioxidants like selenium, resveratrol and lycopene.

Together with plant-based medicines, exercise and proper diets should also be considered. These treatments work in synergy with healthy diet plans and consecutive exercise. Prostate cancer alternative treatments are available on institutions and special cancer clinics which are devoted on such practices. However, there are fraudulent alternative cancer therapies available today and as an advice before purchasing or implementing them on your everyday routine, make sure that you have consulted cancer alternative cancer solutions experts first, to be safe.

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