Foods to Combat Stress

Family responsibilities, work and diseases can cause you to suffer from anxiety. They therefore affect the way you work and talk with your family members and co-workers. Healthcare professionals can offer you help manage stress. But you can also try eating healthy to cope with it. You may not know it but there are certain foods that specifically work as stress-busters. Here are some of them:

1. Oranges  Foods to Combat Stress - orange

Oranges are filled with vitamin C, potassium, calcium and some amount of magnesium. They are believed to contribute in the lowering of blood pressure and in bringing cortisol to its normal level after feeling stressed out. They also improve the immune system. Eat this at least once a day.

2. Asparagus

Whenever you are stressed or depressed, your body discharges hormones that affect your mood. Now, to stabilize your mood, you will need the help of vegetables that are rich in folic acid. One of them is asparagus. Consuming one cup of this green veggie gives two-thirds of your daily requirement. To give you an idea on how to prepare it, simply blanch or steam some tips and make it as your side vegetable for your fish or meat dish. Or, you may dip it to your favorite dressing and you already have a healthy snack for the day.

3. BananasFoods to Combat Stress - banana

Bananas are loaded with carbohydrates and potassium. Carbohydrates offer the relaxing effect to your body as they generate serotonin, which is the calming neurotransmitter that plays a role in the management of good frame of mind, feeling of satisfaction and happiness, and even normal sleep. Potassium, on the other hand, is vital in making your heart healthy. If you are deficient in potassium, you may experience tiredness, low-blood sugar, difficulty in breathing and insomnia – all of which are every so often brought by stress. Consume two pieces of bananas every day.

4. Spinach

Whenever you are stressed, the magnesium content of your body begins to lower. It is for this reason spinach is a major stress-buster. Spinach is rich in magnesium; hence, it can help you deal with pressure. Spinach makes up 40 percent of your daily requirement for magnesium.

5. Avocados

Avocados are rich with vitamin B, which are essential in maintaining the health of our nerves and brain cells. Deficiency in this type of vitamins is linked to feeling of anxiety. Instead of craving for a pint of ice cream to manage your stress, try feasting on this creamy gem. Blend it together with ripe banana, healthy sweetener and nut milk. Place it in the freezer to chill. Avocados are also filled with potassium and monounsaturated fat.

Sometimes, the solution to your problem is only about facing it – and not getting drowned by it. Instead of sulking and keeping yourself from your loved ones, you should talk to them, tell them everything that is in your mind and ask for their help or support. Aside from this, you may want to start including these stress-busting foods in your daily diet to give you good mood every day.


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Click here for our blog Disclaimer.