Why Keep a Journal about Your Journey as a Cancer Patient

So many thoughts have entered your mind since the first day you were told you have cancer. To unload your mind of all your negative thoughts, why not create a day-to-day diary that will chronicle the events in your fight against cancer? A journal can be a good therapy for cancer patients, and here are three reasons why.

1. It is a good outlet for your thoughts.

You want to be strong in front of your family and friends because you do not want them to feel that you are helpless. But as you try to keep all your emotions bottled up, you are all the more punishing yourself because of stress, which makes your condition worse than it already is. Writing your frustrations, doubts and fears is your best outlet. A dairy can be your most ideal companion in these times when you want to let all your emotions, worries, and thoughts out of your mind.

Why Keep a Journal about Your Journey as a Cancer Patient

2. It can help keep track of your life events and learn from them.

Keeping a journal allows you to keep track of your own life events and subsequently learn from them. Write about what occurs during doctor visits. What does your oncologist tell you? What are the emotions you feel?

Discuss how you react to everything that happens around you, like, when a friend visits you and tries to comfort you. Do you feel loved or do you get irritated by it? As you browse through the previous pages of your journal, you may say “I should have done this instead of that.” In the process, you will tend to react on situations in a more objective and positive way and at the same time, you will be focused on attaining your goals.


3. It can inspire you to keep going.

As you write every day about your cancer and the treatment you receive, you can keep track of your progress. Whether you are no longer suffering from cancer symptoms or your health is actually improving, your entries in the journal can serve as your inspiration to continue your fight against cancer.

According to investigations held at North Dakota State University, Southern Methodist University, University of Texas at Austin and Ohio State University, writing helps reduce pain, release physical stress, fight minor illnesses like flu, and improves general health. It is for this reason, and the others discussed above, that you should consider keeping a journal about your journey as a cancer patient.

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