Dieting Tips for Liver Cancer Patients

Diet tips for Liver Cancer patients
Your liver has one of the most important functions in the  body. It processes the foods and anything that you drink and turns it into the nutrients and  energy which is stored and used by the body in its daily activities.  Aside from that, it leaves out the harmful substances which  are in the blood.

Due to its important function, the liver is very susceptible to disease, such as liver cancer.  According to, about 30,000 Americans are diagnosed with liver cancer  per year.

Patients who are undertaking treatments to fight liver cancer also undergo a lot of changes and adjustments. One of these are their meal plans and dieting.  Others consider on taking  the advice of medical practitioners such as the oncologist or dietitians.  But here to help you out are some of the tips you must know about the diet for liver cancer patients.

Fruits and Vegetables

Having fruits and vegetable variety will help you replenish the  nutrients lost inside the body  during the treatment. You need to focus your diet towards natural produce for its power-packed with vitamins and minerals.

You can also try to add to your new diet scheme some vegetable juice. Unlike freshly made fruit juices, vegetable juice has less sugar content and plenty of nutrients. Carrots, celery, tomato, and cucumber are best turned into juices.

Befriend Tea

Make this your new daily habit. Have yourself a cup of brimming antioxidants from green or black tea. These antioxidants are powerful in controlling the growth of the cancer cells and its mutation. Aside from that, it can boost your immune system to lower the risk of having  illnesses.

Avoid Alcohol  

Alcohol causes severe inflammation to your liver.  Its also the cause to  several types of cancer. No matter what the amount of  alcohol or kind of beverage it is, it will still be toxic to the liver.

Pamper Yourself and have your “Me Time”

If you feel like being in a good mood, just let it be. Being in a good mood will make you feel  better and take this advantage to do or eat anything that will help you keep up the positive vibe in you.  Positivity is a key  to avoid too much stress and weariness you have in mind.

Drink your supplements regularly

Every patient is scheduled to drink their prescribed medicines at the right time and amount to  help them restore their energy and fight the cancer out of their body.

Plan small meals

Even if your body needs a lot of energy from the food you eat, it is hard for a liver cancer patient to process the food as normal cancer-free people do. So if you consume your regular meal 3 times a day, why not try to plan to eat smaller amounts and consume 4-5 small meals a day. Remember to have intervals in between them so your body will not be so worked up digesting full loads of meals in your stomach.

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