Cancer Problems: Top 5 Myths Revealed

Cancer Problems - Top 5 Myths Revealed
There are scary claims you can see on the internet regarding myths about cancer problems that may be taken as fact. But before these things make you uneasy or panicky, take a look at this list to avoid further misconceptions.

Myth 1: Lipstick and Lead issue

One myth is that cosmetics such as lipsticks have a substance called lead that is a cancer-causing agent. There was allegedly a list of product names of cosmetics which were probably containing lead but was later on denied by the manufacturers of the brands. This information was leaked through emails and through other social networking sites such as Facebook.

The US Food and Drug Administration has published and released a report and has since stated that … “FDA’s studies have found no lead levels that would pose safety concerns when lipstick is used as intended…”.

Myth 2: Treating cancer kills more than it cures

There are three different types of medical procedures which are commonly used nowadays to treat cancer patients which are chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery. These medical procedures can help the patient to lessen and control the cancer cell growth in the body. It is not far from the fact that these cures are hard to undergo.

But sometimes, there are terminal stages of certain types of cancer that cannot be prevented and be cured even by these procedures. It is important to know that treating cancer can help the patient to survive this condition.

Myth 3: Specific Herbal Products

Herbal medicine consists of plants, teas, and extracts of the plants with medicinal value. Most of the drugs of today are from the plants with great medicinal values. Since then, it has been believed to be a remedy to put an ill person back to his/her better self.

All over the world, Herbal medicine has been a part of the medical practice for complementary or traditional type of remedy. Many cancer patients are using plants and other medicinal herbals to maintain good health and state for fast recovery from their disease.

There is nothing such as a medicinal plant or herbal medicine that can actually cure cancer directly but then again, there are varieties of medicinal contents of specific plants that can be used to help patients towards the path of recovery.

Myth 4: Eating sugar can make the cancer cells grow faster

There is no conclusive truth to this myth. It is a necessity for the body cells to feed themselves by the means of the sugar (glucose) produced by the body or from what you eat directly to produce the energy the body needs.

We’ve all heard it before – too much of anything is bad, and this goes for sugar as well. It can lead to diabetes or weight gain that can have a negative effect on one’s health.

To avoid this thing from happening keep the sugar level intake to a minimum. Avoid foods with artificial sweeteners. Fit in a balanced diet.

Myth 5: Microwaving foods inside containers such as plastic and food with wraps let-off harmful cancer-causing materials to your food.

Plastics do not contain dioxins which apparently is the suspect of this belief. It does not affect the food even if you put it in plastic microwavable containers. The only thing that can cause your food to be potentially dangerous is that if you’re using dirty containers or utensils to eat.

But if you are still bothered by these things you can always place your food inside a glass or ceramic container before putting it inside the microwave oven. You can also remove the grocery packing of foods you might want to heat in the microwave. In this way, you can avoid worrying too much about the food you eat.


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