In this day and age, How Can You Avoid Cancer?

Ways to avoid cancerHave you been wondering how you can avoid cancer in this day and age? These days, there have been more than just a few conflicting reports about cancer avoidance. You may hear one recommendation by a news report or study about how to avoid cancer and hear another source saying the opposite. The fact is that when it comes to the prevention of cancer, new information keeps coming up with one report canceling out so many others. One well accepted fact; however is that the choices you make in your lifestyle basically affect any chance you have of cancer development.

For this reason, if the prevention of cancer is your main concern these days, know that the choices you make in terms of your lifestyle will affect your chances of developing any sort of disease, including cancer. Starting today, taking the measures you can take in order to prevent the occurrence of cancer goes a long way towards living the healthy lifestyle you aspire for.

What You Eat Matters
Of course, the prevention of cancer can’t be guaranteed by making healthy mealtime and grocery store selections. However, any sort of risk could be reduced when you make healthy eating choices. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when it comes to being able to avoid cancer in this day and age. With all the health scares popping up in the media and social media with regards to unhealthy eating, it is about time you took matters into your own hands and actually selected what you ate carefully.

Sun Protection Matters
One of the most prevalent cancer forms is skin cancer. It also happens to be one of the cancers that you can prevent the most. One way you can attempt to protect yourself from sunshine is to stay in shaded areas while you are out of doors. As much as you can, stay in the shade. It helps to wear a hat that has a broad, wide brim and to wear sunglasses while outdoors. Between the hours of ten in the morning and four in the afternoon, it is a good idea to stay out of the sun. These are the hours in which the sun is at its strongest. Just as natural sunlight is damaging, so are sunlamps and tanning beds. For this reason, avoid any type of tanning source as much as you can. When you are out of doors, make sure to wear liberal amounts of sunscreen. Use as much as you can and don’t forget to re-apply. Expose areas of your skin should be covered. Wear loose fitting, tightly woven clothes that cover almost all of your skin, if at all possible. Opt for bright colors that reflect radiation from ultraviolet rays compared to other colors.

Regular Medical Care Counts
For various types of cancers, regular screening and self exams does count. This includes cancer of the breast, cervix, prostate, colon and skin. Doing this can increase the chance of early detection when it comes to cancer cells. Most likely, treatment is a success when cancer is discovered early. Inquire with your doctor what the best schedule for screening cancer for you might be. Begin today to take preventative measures for cancer in your own hands. You will get a lifetime worth of rewards if you do.

Get Active and Maintain a Good Weight
Any risk of acquiring any type of cancer becomes lower when you maintain a weight that is healthy. This includes kidney, colon, lung, prostate and breast cancer. When you are active physically, that counts as well. Aside from helping you accomplish weight control, being physically active on its own may lower colon and breast cancer risks. There are health benefits gained by adults participating in any type of active, physical activity. For substantial benefits to your health, work to get a minimum of a weekly one hundred fifty minutes of moderate aerobics or seventy five minutes per week of vigorous physical, aerobic activity. Generally, goals can also include a minimum of half an hour of daily physical activity that you can add to your routine. Less is not more when it comes to being physically active. To put it another way, the more exercise you do, the better it is for you in general when it comes to avoiding the risks of cancer.

Drink Alcohol Moderately
When you drink large amounts of alcohol, the risks you get in terms of acquiring various cancer types such as liver, kidney, lung, colon or breast cancer increases. In addition, if you have been drinking alcohol over time and have been doing so on a regular basis, your risks increase as well.

Limit Fat
Eat leaner and lighter by selecting less fatty food groups. In particular, avoid meals containing tons of animal sources of fat. Diets high in fat tend to be calorie-rich food and may cause an increased risk of obesity or being overweight. This then increases your risk of cancer.

Eat a Lot of Vegetables and Fruits
When you create a diet full of plant sourced food such as vegetables and fruits as well as beans and whole grains, you will as a result reduce your risks of getting any sort of disease, including cancer.

No Smoking
When you smoke in any way, shape or form, this puts you in a course of collision with cancer. Various cancer types have been linked to smoking including kidney, cervix, bladder and lung cancer. In addition, cancer of the pancreas and oral cavity has been linked to tobacco chewing. Even when you don’t smoke yourself, being exposed to other people smoking may also increase your chances of getting cancer of the lungs.

Tobacco avoidance or complete cessation of smoking is one health decision you can make that is extremely important. As a matter of fact, when it comes to being able to avoid cancer altogether, it is the most important thing you can do. When you need assistance in stopping smoking all together, inquire with your health care practitioner about products to help people stop smoking as well as other quitting strategies.

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