5 of the Most Inspiring Cancer Movements Around the World

Around the world, there are inspiring cancer movements that aim to increase awareness about various types of cancer. Here are five of the most inspiring:

World Child Cancer

Each year around the world over two hundred thousand children develop cancer and eighty per cent of these live in a middle or low income country. Without World Child Cancer, less than five percent will survive compared to a high income country’s survival rate of eighty percent. Along with having too few specialists trained for diagnosing and treating cancer in children along with poor diagnosis, there are very low rates of survival for this type of cancer.  World Child Cancer is a movement to improve the developing world’s cancer diagnosis, care and treatment. The vision of this movement is to have a world where children with cancer are able to get the best care and treatment possible.

Prostate Cancer Foundation

The Prostate Cancer Foundation is a movement that is committed firmly to the cure of cancer of the prostate. Globally, this movement is the leading organization of philanthropy and accelerated global research about this type of cancer. Unique strategies for investing and identifying the most promising programs of research have been undergone by PCF since 1993. Resources are channeled towards the top scientific minds of the world to encourage and speed up breakthroughs. Through generous contributions, this movement has funded over two thousand programs in nineteen countries at more than two hundred research centers.

The Skin Cancer Foundation

This movement is the only worldwide organization with a mission to prevent, educate and detect the most common cancer in the world early. Prompt treatment is also encouraged and many steps for the prevention of skin cancer are given. The Skin Cancer Foundation is a movement that helps individuals around the world to save their skin from the most common cancer in the world.  Founded in 1979, this movement sets the standards for educating both the medical profession and the public about cancer of the skin. This type of cancer can be prevented by using a sun protection regimen that involves being covered with clothing, UV blocking sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat. Daily sunscreen application is also advised.

Testicular Cancer Society

A non-profit organization, the Testicular Cancer Society raises awareness for this most common type of men’s cancer in the age group of between fifteen and thirty-five. This movement is dedicated to increasing education and awareness about this disease and provides support for caregivers, survivors and fighters.

The Oral Cancer Foundation

The Oral Cancer Foundation is a non-profit public service and movement for the service and advocacy to inform dental, medical and public sectors about oral cancer. This movement’s forefront agenda is to establish to in the minds of the public to go through annual screening for oral cancer. Compared to other types of cancer, oral cancer takes more lives and more awareness is promoted by the Oral Cancer Foundation for this reason. The goal of this movement is to reduce the death rate from oral cancer.

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