Top Veggies You Should Have On Your Plate

Healthy Vegetables - Spinach

Have you ever wondered what the top veggies you should have on your plate are? One of the simplest methods you can use for health improvement is to eat more fresh vegetables. Even if almost every veggie is good for you, there are still some that are better than other ones. To a certain extent, the best veggies for you are the ones that agree with you and appeal to your taste. Listen to your body for a feeling of energy and satisfaction and you will know which veggies are doing you good. However, beyond that if you want to eat the veggies with the most density in terms of nutrition, here is a list of the top veggies you should have on your plate. Each one is related to a reduced risk of every type of disease.

This carotenoid-rich veggie helps prevent macular degeneration and promote healthy eyes. In older adults, this is the lead cause of blindness. Cook green spinach to make the carotenoid lutein become easier to absorb by your body.

Pickled or roasted, beets contain high levels of lutein and antioxidants which protect the eyes and fight cancer accordingly. The greens of beets should not be thrown out either as these are the vegetable’s most nutritious parts and can be cooked just like any leafy, dark green. Add in chopped beets to potato salad to create a gorgeous, red Russian salad. Steam the leafy greens separately and add in salt and butter to enjoy as a side dish or as a snack for the munchies. Don’t be surprised if you slowly become healthier than ever.

Alfalfa Sprouts
This antioxidant rich veggie contains beta carotene which helps maintain healthy teeth, bones, glands, gums, nails, hair and skin. It also protects you against lung cancer. It is a great source of the E vitamin which lowers the risk of death from cancer of the bladder and helps in the prevention of strokes and heart attacks.

This cruciferous veggie eaten more than five times per week is full of antioxidants that fight cancer. You can lightly steam broccoli with butter and salt for a tasty side dish or use it in a casserole with some carrots and potatoes for a main course.

This curly leafy green veggie is full of the antioxidant vitamin C which lowers bad cholesterol also known as LDL levels as well as reduces heart disease risks.

These might tiny legumes eaten daily lowers stomach cancer risks according to the International Journal of cancer. Cook green peas with butter or try it with lemon and rice risotto for a power packed, nutritionally dense meal.

This antioxidant fights cancer when eaten raw. When you use a high level of heat it reduces phytochemical benefits significantly which protect against prostate and lung cancer. Combine raw chopped onions with jalapeno peppers, avocado and tomatoes for a chip dip bursting with health and flavor. A squeeze of lime juice will complete this dip.

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