Ladonna S

I don’t know where to begin to give praise to the New Hope Medical Center because my heart is so full of joy, love, but most of all Hope, in such a positive way and this has come about only since I arrived at the clinic for treatment of cancer just three short weeks ago.

From the moment I walked through the door I was immediately greeted with warmth and kindness from the staff.  Even though I was frightened (from the unknown) and somewhat trepid about what was going to happen, Dr. Branyon made me feel her warmth and caring and that I was in good, safe, loving hands, with a smile as wide as a Montana sky and arms that said you’re safe with us –come—we are going to do our very best to bring you to remission.  Also from the very beginning there is not a single day that I have not been surrounded by kind, warm, positive people.  I especially feel the strong bond that Dr. Branyon has with God (no voodoo here).  Every day she brings to you, in her positive religious belief, that your fight with cancer can be won by your own positive belief, the medicinal aid she provides, and most a strong conviction that God is always with you.  Like Dr. Branyon, all the people at the clinic give you the same positive attitudes, and they too make you believe you can win against this deadly disease.

Since my arrival at New Hope, almost from day one I have continued to become stronger.  When I first arrived I could barely walk on my own, and I could not stand for more than a few moments.  This came about from weeks of radiation and chemotherapy, which I believe nearly killed me.  Now, through Dr. Branyon’s combination of vitamins, supplements, and other natural therapies, I am now a person [that] has grown strong and nearly completely normal again.  I can not only walk on my own again, but I can now do my own shopping, do some cleaning, fix meals, and even do laundry – something I couldn’t even begin to think of doing three short weeks ago.

I can never begin to thank Dr. Branyon and the staff at New Hope.  Thanks to all these wonderful people, I really believe I am on the road to remission, but I got my smile back, my faith in God is stronger than ever, and most of all I got the music back in my soul again.

With Great Sincerity,

Ladonna S.