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Tom and Christine Jones – Alternative Cancer Treatment Testimonial




Tom: I’m Thomas Jones and this is my wife, Christine Jones.


Christine: And uhmm.. I guess I'll begin here. Uhm..August of 2018 I was diagnosed with cancer. And that started a new journey for both of us. And I began by, I had an appointment to see the Oncologist but it was about a month out. And so I decided I would start researching and when a guy on tv and I checked..uhm on that there was a series called the truth about cancer. And I found out things I couldn’t imagine. But I did decided that time, that I wanted no radiation, no chemotherapy and I wanted to do everything naturally. So I thought when my Oncologist might be a little open to that. So we went to the Oncologist at the appointed time and I walked out of that office feeling sad, but encouraged that I had a different path. And so I asked him for my records I said I was gonna do things naturally, he snapped at me and said what would you gonna do then and I said well if it does not work I’ll come back and see you. And I’ve never been back. So I started doing my research from the truth about cancer I checked out every clinic that was there, New Hope was not there but I started calling around because some of the things even on the program included chemotherapy treatments and I knew I didn’t want to do that. So I ended up calling New Hope and it was actually by accident but I think it was divinely inspired because I got a message back from a lady named, Jackie. Jackie had pretty much the same story that I had and she was very positive she had gone through the treatment at New Hope, she had succeeded, she was no evidence of disease and she was telling her story to who ever with listen to it and I was very inspired. So I told Jackie when she.. I said you don’t need to talk anymore. We’re going to New Hope and so my husband and I have both been listening to her story and we both nodded and said okay ,this is where we want to go. So we made the appointment we came down to New Hope..uhm.. And ask I was going through the therapies and the doctor came to me I was feeling great I just, I felt energetic, I felt I didn’t feel ill at all. And so he asked me how I was doing and said I’m great. But I’m really concerned about my husband and Tom had some symptoms that just were very unusual. And the doctor looked at him and he says we’re gonna take you and we’ll take you over to the hospital and we will have a scan and we’ll figure it out what’s going on. And I cannot even imagine any other place that I could ever be in this world that would do that for my husband when I was a patient. And I… so my story is that with New Hope .. I can’t ..I..I... I’m very happy to be here and uhm I had from August until August.. November December Jan.. December, was late December it was in December. I had a PET scan and my .. my cancer gone from five to six centimeter down to one centimeter which was so encouraging. And .. So I remain up ... This is not - this is a lifestyle change it is something that you eat differently, you live differently. Anyway, my story is that, recently I have been given .. that I’m in remission.. And I’m on my way on my good health and I’m going to continue living differently. So..but when the doctor took over and said what was ..aah..they tested Tom and uhm… I - so we went home in a month and a day we had no qualms about coming back to New Hope, we would come back many times if we had to. So anyway, Tom’s diagnosis was cancer and we came back and that is my story now he has more of a story.  


Tom: Well the a … As you could imagine when I got home and found out the results from the test he told me I had an unusual type of cancer. And then so we researched and stuff and type of cancer I had, the prognosis was thirty to one hundred twenty days. And I told my wife I don’t want to hear no more about this. And so, I said my wife were going back to New Hope and we’re back to New Hope and I started the therapy and everything. And the - They couldn’t find out what type of cancer, where it was at. And so the - I had to come back again to New Hope after I went through treatment and they did a biopsy to try to find out exactly what kind of cancer was, and where it was at. And they couldn’t find it .. but there was .. it’s a .. a type of cancer that it’s all on my body and the - it’s a fluid that collects inside of me. I had about two liters of fluid taken out of me every 3rd or 4th day. The thing that, was at me when we come back and had the biopsy done, and then he let me know that it was even a better gift. It was a type of cancer that no one recover from and the - 


Christine: May I add one thing?


Tom: Yeah. 


Christine: No one recovers from the traditional method of doing things.


Tom: From the traditional method, yeah


Tom: We talked to the doctors and staff and it just like we you know we could beat this and so through my coming back here and going to the therapy’s and stuff, now it's almost 10 months and so from the prognosis of thirty to one hundred twenty days to zip. I outlive all of it I’m feeling good doing well and I just can’t imagine that I would have this kind of treatment that I've been having here and the results we've been getting any place else. 


Tom: Our experience here has been great. These are the greatest people in the world here they’re loving, caring, they do everything in their power to take you make you comfortable. Take care of your situation. To take - any kind of assistance. They’re very loving and very caring and it’s not like being at the hospital they rush in and out do your thing you know then they got twenty other patients we have our own nurse, we have our own therapist, we have everything it’s just like perfect and I wouldn't go any other place right here.  


Christine: And I..my feeling about New Hope I just can’t say enough good things. The people are wonderful there loving there caring and it’s not just the nurses and physical therapists, it’s starts with maintenance. Everyone here is just got a kind heart and Dr. Branyon surround yourself with people that are loving and caring and it shows here and it's palpable.


Tom: I think the team is magnificent. You can’t get a better group of people together all of them around at the same page, they’re all doing everything they can and it and seems like there shift is over, there is still stuff to be done they’re doing it until it's done. They have your interest at heart the whole time. They are very - We’re like a family now and they are caring and loving and do everything they can to take and help you. 


Christine: And I would like to say to the staff that we love you, I love you and I feel that whatever you’re doing, keep doing it the way your doing it because you just make this like a home away from home.


Tom: I have one more thing to say. When I first came here I can hardly get out of bed. And I’m getting up now walking around doing the thing I wasn't doing before and this place has saved my life.


Christine: And I’ll add one thing when you leave the clinic they're not through with you yet.


Tom: No. 


Christine: We have..there’s a follow-up staff that take such wonderful care to make sure that there's a problem, there’s someone there to solve in and you never alone and I love that, I love this place, I love all of you.


Tom: Ok, I was trying to say that I wouldn’t go any other place at the I couldn't see myself doing anything else but being here. I recommend this place highly. They’re very, very good at what they do and - I can say enough about was what happened here for myself and my wife.


Christine: And I'm gonna say that when I did make it to the Oncologist. We sat in the office for two hours watching and listening and before my appointment and I hesitated ‘cause I just I felt like I did not belong there because it felt as though the people were there and it was fear-based, the Oncologist was not open to anything other than his protocol and I felt like I had - I was fearful, it was fearful to be there and I really believe when I walk in to New Hope that it this was not a death sentence, this was a life sentence it was a life-altering and life-changing place to be and I really feel that anybody that face’s cancer the first thing you're going to have is fear and so many of us have experienced family members and everybody else who seem what’s gone through what they’ve done through to just show medicine and New Hope Unlimited is a perfect name because that’s exactly how it makes me feel it gives me New Hope and it’s Unlimited Hope. And they don’t give up, they don’t tell you that you’re gonna die in four months. And they don’t quit. New Hope is here to help you on your journey.


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