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Mike and Tara Overpeck – Cancer Patient During COVID-19




Mike’s Testimonial

Hi, my name is Mike Overpeck and this is my wife Tara, and we're here at New Hope Unlimited from Elkhart, Indiana. And if you're watching the news, Elkhart, Indiana was one of the hotspots in the United States for the Coronavirus, COVID-19, because of our manufacturing. We're here for cancer treatment, obviously. And I just want to share with you that cancer has been very scary for me at times. And when you add COVID-19 to a deck can add more fear to it. But I want to alleviate some of your fear and just share with you a little bit about our travel getting here. And we made arrangements to fly here from Northern Indiana. At the airport, we felt safe. It surprised us but everybody was wearing masks, and they kept announcing over the loudspeaker that everyone needed to be wearing their masks. We enter the airplane the stewardess in the same way. Social distancing was practiced at the airport. We saw the cleaning crew wiping things down constantly. It just made us feel safe. And we had a layover in Dallas for a short amount of time. Once again, we never felt we were at risk or unsafe. Everything always seemed clean. But we were glad to arrive in Yuma Arizona, knowing in advance that the hotel had been well cleaned. The travel hotel was safe. We got there, the staff there was outstanding, assuring us over and over again. You know it's funny, I used to think about greeting people or the handshake. Now we're greeted with hand sanitizer. Everyone's pumping a squirt into our hands asking us to be safe. The next morning, we woke up, met Dr. Branyon and the other patients so wonderful experience. Once again, everyone wearing masks being safe. The van arrives the drivers wearing a mask. We're told the vans have been clean, it's safe, we hop in. Nice, quiet, easy ride to San Luis real Colorado, we arrive at the hospital, only to be greeted with the staff being careful wearing masks and treating us kindly.

Tara’s Testimonial

When we've been here before, it's just so obvious how proud the staff is of the facility. How sparkling clean it is and how well maintained. But this COVID-19 has taken it to a totally different level with cleanliness and sanitation and just safety precautions in general. The staff all have the N95 on and we're encouraged to wear masks whenever we go out of our room. They have a little station at every door for us to clean the bottom of our shoes before we enter the building. And the staff there are not as many right now so there's not as much coming and going. Hand sanitizer everywhere and it's used throughout the day. And they take our temperatures a couple of times every day too and we really do appreciate that. So with all the unrest in the world and how many places, we don't feel safe. We feel so safe right here. And as we leave this week, our hope is renewed for Mike's journey for Mike's cancer journey and his healing. Thank you

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