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Jim Colvins – Male Breast Cancer Survivor



Male Breast Cancer

Jim's Testimonial


Jim: My name is Jim Colvins and this is my wife Georgey Colvins. We’re from Denver, Colorado.

I’m a cancer patient, I have male breast cancer. Eight years ago, I was diagnosed. I had mastectomy on the right side and since then I’ve had three… this is my third recurrence. I’ve taken the Chemo eight years ago and followed… I’ve recently been to some of the, Cancer Centers of America, Avera Cancer Center, The Huntsman Cancer Center, Oncologists all over and I started looking around and I was getting ready to after Genomic Testing, to do, to do some more Chemo, and then I’ve met a friend of mine and he told me about a man named Nigel, who also came here to New Hope Unlimited and I talked to him on the telephone and he told me about he’s been in remission now since he came and so I decided to come here and Do the immunotheraphy and put my hands in Hope Unlimited and so far It’s been a great experience.

I feel better now than when I arrived that’s for sure. We just stopped believing in the standard cancer care in the United States and we’re unable to get such things that they offered here at Hope Unlimited. So that’s my story and everything's been good, the care has been tremendous, the people here are good and like I said I feel better now, tremendously better than when I arrived and I’m gonna continue on the program and keep working with Hope Unlimited and I would recommend it to anyone and we’ll see in a year from now when I’m better and still alive, of how it worked.

Georgey: I like the hospital, Dr. Branyon is very informative about nutrition and the steps that you need to follow to get better. I truly believe in this type of treatment and I’m very glad that we came here. I can see a big difference in how he’s feeling and how more energized he feels and the staff has been wonderful, very accommodating for anything that you may want.

Jim: That’s it, they give you hope.

Georgey: They give.

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