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Jerome Fiorella – Lymphoma Survivor



Gastric Diffused B-cell Lymphoma

Jerome's Testimonial


Hello, my name is Jerome Fiorella. I’m a cancer-free patient today. I’ve been a practicing dentist for 42 years and the Fall of 2015, I was diagnosed with the Gastric diffused B-cell Lymphoma. And it is pretty alarming when you get to hear the word cancer, so during to start to do my research to trying to find some protocols for treatment. From all the cancer centers, from all the major universities was all the same as real cookbook, it was Chemotherapy with radiation and having lost a lot of my family members and close friends to cancer and having to go through to treatment conventionally which I found to be very brutal.

I wanted to reach out and find a different modality or a different treatment and alternative treatment that I thought that would work for me and the good Lord I believe sent me to Dr. Fredda Branyon at New Hope Unlimited in Arizona and at which time went to them and went through their protocol. It was a blessing to find someone as courageous as Dr. Branyon to go outside that box in conventional medicine to go across the world and find a different treatment.

As it turned out with the detoxification and the immune system build up, the vaccine that she created from my blood and the cell therapy that they do, what turned out for me was really, in comparison to conventional medicine, a very easy process. Today, after going through their treatment and their protocol, my CAT scan came back clean with no significant finding anywhere in the body.

My upper GI with the biopsy came back no cancer which was really an amazing thing to occur for me. My friends been a lot of superstitious friends thought that I was doing voodoo or witchcraft go to where I did in Mexico and have this treatment done and I’ll never forget this one where my surgeon friends and his family are all physician and his sister was actually going to do the radiation that I didn’t do.

When we’re getting ready play golf and he called the pathologist after they took the biopsy and he was on the phone with the pathologist and he said “Really? Well I'm shocked” and I knew there and then that the report was good so I started dancing up and down and I hugged him. He looked at me and He says “I’m really shocked and surprised that what you did worked”. And I can’t do anything but to have a heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Branyon and her research team, her physicians and nursing staff that were absolutely first class and outstanding.

The one thing I liked to point out to anyone looking at this, Chemotherapy and Radiation will kill the primary lesion but what is not being told is that there are basically two types of cancer cells: the ones that multiply and have people lose their hair because Chemotherapy will kill the fast growing cells; but their metastatic cells that are resistant to this Chemotherapy; which tears down their immune system; so what they do they migrate to other parts of the body and when you have stress in your life, weakness.

Your immune system gets weak again then you start having “Oh my goodness you got a spot on your lungs!” They go in there radiate, chemo that and year and a half, two years later, Now they’re saying “you have elision in your kidney and liver” oh my goodness now is progressing and spreading throughout the body. And I can say this because this is exactly what happened to my sister to her breast cancer had that.

Then it spread to lungs then it spread to brain and then from the time she was diagnosed to the time she died was 7 years; so, I knew and been that there had to be a better avenue of treatment than what all these clinical, centers were telling me and where I cross the whole United States to try to find something other than putting Chemo and poison in my body and as it turns out the only thing I can do is say thank you to New Hope Unlimited for extending my life.

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