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Janice Froberd – Alternative Cancer Treatment Testimonial




Janice's Testimonial

Janice: Hi my name is Janice, this is Nicki she’s my daughter. I want to explain a little bit about my journey. Ahm .. this last December a day before Christmas eve I had the flu and it was a bad flu so ahm.. I ended up in the emergency room and the doctor had asked me what symptoms I was feeling and I said I had ahm.. Some stomach problems that I didn’t have before I had lost a huge amount of weight and that was not normal. And so he said ‘Okay, let me, let’s take CT scan and see if there is any blockages you know in the stomach abdominal area'.

So they did ahm.. and he came out and he said “We’re gonna keep you overnight” that there was a mass six(6) centimeter mass on my right kidney with a blood clot on the top of that and so ahm.. Oh again Merry Christmas to you too! Haha

So I didn’t see my family that year coz I was really so sick. Still, ahm.. But anyway I didn’t know if I was going to have a surgery coz that’s they wanted to do. They wanted to do it quickly, two surgeons come in saying ahm.. that they wanted to do it as soon as possible. So when I got home, I asked if I can go home in the Christmas Eve so I got home by eleven at night. And ahm.. I thought okay, ahm.. I’m was getting kinda nervous and my mind is going you know a thousand miles a minute.

Okay Nicki, here’s my (laughing) savings account, my checking account number hold on to that.

I was trying to think everything you know that I need to tell her. And I thought you know this is crazy because I know Jesus, so you know I try to calm down. And I have a doctor friend whom I’m seeing and I told him I was just gonna do it by my faith, I’m just gonna believe on my faith.

And he’s like “Your so important to me, your not gonna die on my watch” (laugh)

But it was like Wednesday and he goes by Friday “I want you to find some alternative doctors and clinics” coz he knew I didn’t want to do surgery so much so okay. Sure enough, he did on Friday and I called you know like twenty(20) different people the one he wanted me to go to, so I mention names ahm.. Another one in Mexico and things didn’t ahm.. happened well with that so I said no. And I was going to Illinois which is the state that I live in, so I said I’m gonna try one more time ahm.. And the one I tried was this ahm.. New Hope and ahm.. I talked to Jackie whose the is she the coordinator? So I explain to her my journey and ahm.. She told me her testimony and she even prayed with me and it gave such peace, she calm my fears she answered my question.

So I reeled it in. And I’m, I am a research person like I have to call and find out like what’s the stats on, how many people need it, what the percentages. And I thought I will do any of that. I didn’t even look up the place. I just said you know I trusted her from the heart and ahm.. Nancy too she’s another one and their trying to help me look everything done. I did it less of the week.

Nicki: Hearing her out the phone with Jackie it was hilarious I assumed she was the phone with really like good friend.

Janice: (Laugh)

Nicki: She was sound so uneasy, peace and like you know laughing and I found out like later the about the phone call is about. And I was like Wow! And I said that place is incredible.

Janice: Yeah so I was able to get in a week. Which I think it’s incredible and so ahm.. Even I got better when I got here. I mean just I’m not really a trusting person but everybody is so wonderful. I can’t even.. I can’t even say in words but everybody ahm.. Just will do everything they can for you. Doctor Branyon really really wants you well, from the heart she is wonderful wonderful doctor. Ahm.. you know I’m just gonna miss everybody from my heart. So I just wanna say that and ahm.. If you thinking coming somewhere safe, this is the place.

Alright, God bless you on your journeys.

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