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Barbara Goulet – Alternative Lymphoma Testimonial



B-cell Lymphoma

Barbara's Testimonial

Barbara: My name is Barbara Goulet, I live in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina in United States and I’m here at New Hope Unlimited to be a part of 24 year old son, Renal’s healing process. Two months ago he was diagnosed with large b-cell lymphoma.

I’d lost my husband to cancer treatment not necessary the cancer in 1999 and I was not gonna have my child go through that process, and I started searching for alternative healing methods. I knew about Gerson and I knew the truth about cancer, and I started researching and thru Divine intervention, I ended up here with my son at New Hope Unlimited and we are so happy with the results so far. The staff is so supportive, so kind, and being very patient with me which I appreciated because, I’m worried about my son his been responsive to all the treatments and his cancer in his leg and swelling has gone down to almost minimal. He has energy and excited about to going home and carrying on the treatment for the next four months, and we see ourselves in a healing process and were going to recover from this, and the learning experience has been phenomenal.

If anybody ever wants to contact me about our experience, question about the treatments, about our emotional status and how we dealt with things. Please, don’t ever hesitate to contact us, and that’s about it.

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