Everyone Has Their Own DNA

Problem: Traditional treatments treat cancer as a universal disease. The problem is cancer is a symptom of something which has gone wrong in one’s body. While traditional treatment can deal well with the symptoms, those treatments do not focus on the cause. Something has happened with the body’s ability to fight off the bad cancer cells it was able to successfully deal with in the past.

Solution: New Hope Medical Centers philosophy is that if there are 20 patients, all of whom have the same diagnosis of liver cancer, same stage of disease, same symptoms, none of the 20 patients are the same! New Hope Medical Centers attempt is to deal with each patient’s immune system and their own DNA. The DNA and proteins are the molecules of the cell nucleus. Our body’s cells each contain a complete sample of our DNA. We have brain cells, lung cells, liver cells, blood cells and many other type cells. The human body relies on our DNA. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is one of the materials in humans located in the cell nucleus where it is called nuclear DNA.

A thought to ponder…

“All cancers involve the malfunction of genes that control cell growth and division. About 5% to 10% of cancers are clearly hereditary, in that an inherited faulty gene predisposes the person to a very high risk of particular cancers. The remainder of cancers are not heredity, but result from damage to genes (mutations) that occurs throughout our lifetime, either due to internal factors, such as hormones or the digestion of nutrients within cells, or external factors, such as tobacco, chemicals, and sunlight.”

Cancer Facts & Figures 2002, American Cancer Society, page 1,
(all rights are given to the American Cancer Society).