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What Is Brainstem Glioma?

Battling a progressive disease begins with being armed with essential information.

Brain stem glioma is the uncontrollable growth and spread of benign (noncancerous) or malignant (cancerous) cells in the brainstem. Found in the lowest part of the brain and just above the back of the neck, the brainstem connects the brain to the spinal cord. It controls heart rate, breathing, and the nerves and muscles used to see, hear, walk, talk, and eat.

Glioma takes its name from tumors formed from glial cells. Glial cells are the most abundant cell types in the central nervous system. They surround neurons and hold them in place, supply nutrients and oxygen to neurons, and help protect neurons from diseases.

Brain stem glioma in adults represents less than 2 percent of gliomas in people over 16. Diffuse intrinsic low-grade brainstem glioma is the most common in adults.

Brain Stem Glioma Symptoms

Signs of brain stem glioma vary and depend on tumor location, size, and progression. General symptoms include:

  • Numbing and impairment in one side of the face and body
  • Difficulty with balance and coordination
  • Recurrent headaches relieved after vomiting
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Fatigue and drowsiness
  • Growing changes in behavior
  • Mental confusion
  • Vision and hearing problems
  • Back pain, which may suggest cancer metastasis

Some brain tumors do not cause signs or symptoms until later on. Routine checkups are crucial to detecting benign and malignant tumors early, which play a role in improving your brainstem glioma prognosis.

Diagnostic Tests for Brainstem Glioma

The following tests and procedures may be used to detect brain stem glioma:

  • Physical exam and medical history assessment
  • Neurological exam
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan with gadolinium
  • Biopsy

Treatment for cancerous and noncancerous brain tumors should start very soon after diagnosis. If a brain tumor grows and presses on an area of the brain, it can impair important functions, causing irreversible complications and even death.

Why Choose Us for Brain Stem Glioma Alternative Treatments?

New Hope Unlimited has dedicated years to developing treatment strategies that reverse the progression of brain tumors and restore the body’s natural defense systems. Our alternative therapies also improve emotional and spiritual wellness to rehabilitate the mind overall well-being. With our holistic methods and care, there is new hope in beating your disease.

Our Approach

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Our Patient-Centric Medical Facilities

At New Hope Unlimited, we pride ourselves in providing superior comfort, cleanliness, and cancer care at our 8,000 square foot medical treatment center in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico. We worked with renowned architects and contractors to create the ideal space for recovery, which includes state-of-the-art lounge areas and spacious private in-rooms that assure the comfort of our patients and their loved ones. To make our patients feel right at home, each private ward is equipped with high-definition U.S. television, quality bedding, and high-speed internet connection. And with proper nutrition playing a vital role in cancer recovery, New Hope Unlimited also fulfills the dietary needs of each patient using fresh, organic produce to prepare breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners. Comfort and cleanliness are also strictly implemented in our medical treatment rooms, which are equipped with the latest medical supplies and technology to provide the highest standard of care and treatment. Our medical center also has an in-house Hyperbaric Chamber, a well-established therapy for decompression sickness, exclusively available for our patients’ use. Further, New Hope Unlimited has maintained its exceptional partnership with Hospital Migoo, a medical group composed of certified physicians and specialists committed to our patients’ care and well-being.

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1. What specific treatments does New Hope offer?

From complete body detoxification to oxygenating therapy, learn about our innovative combination of conventional, alternative, and holistic treatments for brain stem glioma.

2. What causes brain stem glioma?

The exact cause of brain stem glioma is unknown. However, a possible risk factor includes having certain genetic disorders, such as neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1).


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