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What Is a Brain Tumor? Understand Your Disease

A brain tumor is a mass of abnormal cells in your brain. Your skull, which encases your brain, is tough and rigid. Any growth inside such an enclosed space can induce severe complications. For instance, when a tumorous grows, it can cause increased pressure inside your skull. Not only can this lead to brain damage, but it can also be life-threatening.

Brain Tumors We Treat at New Hope Unlimited

There are over 120 different types of brain tumors. Each can either be:


The least aggressive brain tumors are benign or noncancerous. They arise from cells inside or around the brain, grow slowly, and usually have clear borders that do not invade other tissue. Some examples of benign brain tumors are meningioma, pituitary adenomas, and schwannoma.


Malignant brain tumors contain cancerous cells. They are considered life-threatening because of their rapid growth rates and their ability to invade surrounding brain tissue. Examples of malignant brain tumors (brain cancers) are Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) and medulloblastoma.

Depending on where the tumor originated, it can classify as:


Primary brain tumors begin in the cerebrum, cerebellum, or brainstem. They can spread to neighboring parts of the brain or spine, but rarely to other organs. The most commonly occurring brain tumors are gliomas and meningiomas.


Also known as secondary brain tumors, they develop in other parts of the body before spreading to the brain.

Brain Tumor Symptoms

Signs of a brain tumor vary greatly and depend on the location, size, and growth rate of the tumor. Generally, symptoms include:

  • Recurring headaches that gradually become severe
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Vision problems
  • Hearing problems
  • Weakness, numbness, or paralysis in the arm or leg
  • Lack of balance and coordination
  • Constant puzzlement or confusion
  • Speech difficulties
  • Behavior or personality changes

Whatever symptoms you experience, discuss them with your physician to receive the most accurate diagnosis.

Brain Tumor Risk Factors and Prevention

People with previous exposure to ionizing radiation have an increased risk of brain tumor. Examples of ionizing radiation include exposure to atomic bombs and radiation therapy.

Only 5 to 10% of brain tumors occur in people with a family history of brain tumors. A family history of genetic disorders, such as Li-Fraumeni syndrome and Von Hippel-Lindau disease, may also increase the risk of brain tumors.

Due to many other unknown causes, it is not possible to prevent brain tumors completely. In many cases, eating healthy, limiting alcohol consumption, exercising regularly, and making routine visits to the doctor can help prevent many diseases, which may include tumors of the brain.

Detection and Diagnosis

If your healthcare provider suspects the presence of a brain tumor, he or she may recommend the following tests and procedures:

  • A neurological exam
  • Computerized tomography (CT) scan
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan
  • Positron emission tomography (PET) scan
  • Biopsy

Brain Tumor Alternative Treatments

New Hope Unlimited offers the most comprehensive treatment programs that focus on eradicating your tumors, strengthening your immune system, and improving your emotional wellness to restore your body’s pre-cancer disposition. With our holistic methods and care, it is never too late to defeat your disease. Click here to learn about our treatment strategies.

Our Promise

  • Advanced Cancer Treatments
  • Top-Rated Physicians
  • Personal Care
  • Patient Satisfaction

Our Medical Facilities

At New Hope Unlimited, we pride ourselves in providing superior comfort, cleanliness, and cancer care at our 8,000 square foot medical treatment center in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico. We worked with renowned architects and contractors to create the ideal space for recovery, which includes state-of-the-art lounge areas and spacious private in-rooms that assure the comfort of our patients and their loved ones.

To make our patients feel right at home, each private ward is equipped with high-definition U.S. television, quality bedding, and high-speed internet connection. And with proper nutrition playing a vital role in cancer recovery, New Hope Unlimited also fulfills the dietary needs of each patient using fresh, organic produce to prepare breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners.

Comfort and cleanliness are also strictly implemented in our medical treatment rooms, which are equipped with the latest medical supplies and technology to provide the highest standard of care and treatment. Our medical center also has an in-house Hyperbaric Chamber, a well-established therapy for decompression sickness, exclusively available for our patients’ use.

Further, New Hope Unlimited has maintained its exceptional partnership with Hospital Migoo, a medical group comprised of certified physicians and specialists committed to our patients’ care and well-being.


1. Who is at risk for developing brain tumors?

Brain tumors do not discriminate. Each year, approximately 24,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with a primary or metastatic brain tumor.

3. Is there a direct cure for brain tumors?

There is no cure yet, but many new approaches show promise. For instance, our alternative treatments may help alleviate symptoms, slow tumor progression, and achieve remission altogether.


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