Vegetable Fat: A Possible Contribution for Prostate Cancer Patients to Live Longer

Vegetable fats, which are commonly found in avocados, nuts and olive oils, may likely offer longer life to patients with prostate cancer. A newest research published in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal reveals.

It is for the first time that a group of investigators set their focus on the possible connection of the consumption of vegetable fats to the survival of men with this kind of disease.

In their efforts to come up with a result that will immensely benefit persons with prostate cancer, they made 4,577 men diagnosed with the disease from 1986 to 2010 as the respondents. At the time of the selection, these individuals did not suffer from the spread of the cancer to other parts of their bodies. They answered questions that disclosed about the diet they followed every 4 years. They were also monitored for about 8.4 years and provided with counseling in order to stick to a diet that is healthy for the heart. Specifically, this type of diet replaced carbohydrate calories with unsaturated oils and nuts.

During the investigation, death came to 1,064 men. Among them, 31 percent perished because of cardiovascular disease, 21 percent from prostate cancer and almost 21 percent from other forms of cancer.

The research has found out that among men with prostate cancer who replaced the source (carbohydrates) of 10 percent of their daily intake of calories with vegetable fats, almost 30 percent were found to have the opportunity to live for more than 8 years. Twenty-six percent were less likely to pass away for other causes. Eleven percent is more likely to have lower risk of death with an added serving of 1 ounce of nuts daily.

This study has not established the direct correlation between survival and vegetable fat consumption, however. But it has indicated the association by taking into account a lot of factors that can impact the risk of patients to die, including body mass index, medical treatments, exercise habits and smoking. It is for this reason that researchers encourage future studies to dwell on the benefits of vegetable fat consumption among men with prostate cancer.

In another study, performing exercises may help lower the risk of death of patients with prostate cancer than those who have the disease but continue to live a sedentary lifestyle. Exactly 2,705 participated in the research. They reported the amount of time they spent every week performing several physical activities, such as running, swimming, walking and bicycling. These also include the participation in sports and other outdoor activities.

The research has found out that these activities, whether or not done vigorously, benefited the overall survival of prostate cancer patients. However, those who performed vigorous workouts (defined as spending of over three hours of physical activities every week), have shown association in the reduction of prostate cancer mortality. They had 61 percent lesser risk of death from prostate cancer as compared to those who only spent an hour every week.



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