The Truth Behind the Video of a Dying 6-Year Old Cancer Patient Injected with HIV to Cure Her Disease (Part 1)

Posted twelve months ago on Vimeo is an inspiring video that but has since been getting a lot of buzz because of the misleading titles that many blogs and  social networking posts carry in the process of sharing it with the world. One of the most popular being, “Amazing Story: 6 Year Old Dying Cancer Patient Injected With HIV Virus?”, which is the title to a Youtube upload featuring the same short film documentary.

The film, which runs for about three minutes and forty seconds is aptly titled Fire with Fire. Although the actual story is indeed groundbreaking and fascinating at the same time, some people are marking it with absurd titles such as the Youtube video mentioned above. It is also important to note, that while the doctors were able to cure the child suffering from leukemia, the potential cure is still in the experimental stage and tested only on a specific group of patients.

Alternative cancer treatments are always being watched out for, which is why this video managed to generate so much publicity, including shares on Facebook, because of the hope it brings to disheartened cancer sufferers awaiting a legitimate cure to cancer.

The Truth Behind Fire with Fire

The first thing that people should know is that Fire with Fire is not about doctors injecting HIV or any deadly disease into an already sick child. If you want the real, scientific explanation about this video, the study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine and can be accessed through, which is under the US National Library of Medicine, run by the United States National Institutes of Health.

On the other hand, you can continue reading and we’ll give you a simpler explanation of the said discovery. The research actually came from Professor Carl H. June (who’s also a doctor), along with other medical professionals in Philadelphia. He is a well respected scientist who’s work on HIV, cancer, and the immune system has resulted to many published papers in a couple of scientific journals.

What’s so interesting about cancer and the immune system is that the latter has trouble taking care of the former, despite having multiple successes in warding off countless diseases and illnesses of the body. The reason behind this is because the immune system is adept at fighting foreign invaders like viruses and bacteria, but not cancer cells, which is basically (and originally) our own cells that have gone cuckoo and then going off to create tumors that the immune system cannot handle quite well.

This strange phenomenon is what Dr. June’s research is trying to comprehend and it is something that so many doctors and other medical professionals are trying to understand. Now, their approach to finding a cure to this phenomenon is very, very interesting and probably why the film showcasing the research was called Fire with Fire.

Read the continuation of this two-part blog for more details on the actual study that is proving to be a formidable contender among potential cancer cures out there.

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