Overcoming Cancer With Poetry

Overcoming Cancer With Poetry

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Poetry may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of overcoming cancer, but you would be surprised how much strength poems can bring. Whether you are currently undergoing treatment or have just been diagnosed, you will need emotional help. Reading poetry will help a lot due to poetry being soothing to the soul.

The fact that other cancer survivors have written these poems helps you realize that you are not alone, and there are other people going through what you are doing at the moment. Coping through this difficult time will mean doing all you can to remain stable emotionally, spiritually and physically. Reading poetry will help in relieving some of the stress you feel and at the same time, empower you with strength. You will read about all the emotions that other people going through the same painful experience have written about. As a matter of fact, after reading a few poems, you may even think about perhaps writing a few of your own. Here are a few of our favorite poems.


Have you been to the place beyond somewhere?
The world of harmony and peace.
Existing to fulfil every dream.
No place for judgement
Or deception
Or false pretences.
Everlasting sunshine is in this land.
Rainbows of such magnificence.
The lingering scent of flowers.
Eyes delighted by their brilliant colours.
A merry symphony created by birds.
And in the air, butterflies fly.
Joy and contentment are the emotions.
Never have you felt such enjoyment.
This special place is where you will find it.
Renewal and hope fill my heart.
Anything is possible, I believe,
Let me show you the way.
Hold my hand.
I will share this magic place with you
Somewhere across the rainbow.


Without announcement it arrives
This feeling, old, familiar
A companion not quite welcome.
Tired of not the whole, but being half.
Tired of the oneness.
I yearn to be complete.
Where is my missing piece?
Alone all the time.
Why endure?
Why try?
Continuing is just a struggle.
To exist.
To breathe.
To remember to wake.
The empty, unimaginable space.
That consumes me.
When will it end?
It is all in the hands of God.

My Grief

The tidal wave that is overwhelming
Grief is the unimaginable force that smashes down upon you
Its darkness sweeps you up, unforgiving
Where you crash and tumble against a surface you can’t identify
Just to be thrown back on the beach, reshaped and bruised
They say if it doesn’t kill you it will make you stronger
Grief will make a new person out of you.

Finding solace in poetry is a great way to keep yourself grounded as you go through this emotional roller coaster. There is nothing quite as soothing as poetry written by someone going through the same experience as you are at the moment. The best part is that through reading the experiences of others, you will understand that you are not alone and that there are other people just like you who are trying to get through this.


*poetry written by Jennifer Cosculluela

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