Medical Tourism in Mexico: A Haven for Cancer Remission

If you are looking to expand your options and achieve cancer remission through non-toxic means, Mexico offers cutting-edge treatment options that go beyond radiation, high-dose chemotherapy, and other conventional methods. New Hope Medical Center in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico is a leading example of a “safe haven” where cancer patients can heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Costly Cancer Treatments Leave Countless Americans in Debt

According to Patients Beyond Borders (PBB), the cost of healthcare in the United States is so high that it has become a driving force behind an increase in “medical tourism” for treatments of complex diseases, including cancer. In fact, the high cost of cancer treatments has left several American patients in debt.

“It’s crippling,” shares Dr. Veena Shankaran, an oncologist from the University of Washington who studied the financial impact of cancer treatments. “Even if someone survives cancer, they often can’t shake the debt.”

Shankaran discovered that cancer patients were 71 percent more likely than healthy Americans to face tax liens and mortgage foreclosure, have a mountain of bills in collections, or struggle with other financial setbacks. Following a review of bankruptcy records and cancer registries in Washington, Shankaran also found that cancer patients were nearly thrice as likely to declare bankruptcy than healthy Americans.


Rise of Alternative Cancer Treatments in Mexico

Mexico – alongside India, Israel, and Costa Rica – is a popular destination among foreign nationals in search of more affordable healthcare and medical procedures not yet available at home. In 2019, an estimated 1.2 million people from countries throughout the world came to Mexico for medical treatments, which demonstrates how favorable medical tourism has become.


Why More People Are Going Abroad for Medical Care

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines medical tourism as when an individual travels to a foreign country for healthcare. In the United States alone, millions of people participate in medical tourism on an annual basis, and the majority of American medical tourists travel to Mexico for medical care.

Aside from costs and unavailable or unapproved procedures in the US, many Americans travel to other countries – usually their parents’ or distant ancestors’ homelands – to receive medical care from a provider who shares the traveler’s language and culture. Dental care, cosmetic or plastic surgery, fertility treatments, organ transplantation, and cancer treatment are the most common procedures people undergo while on medical tourism trips, reports the CDC.


New Hope Unlimited Contributes to Mexico’s Growth in Healthcare

Mexico has become an international center for medical progress, and the team behind New Hope Medical Center is happy to play a small part in this change. When Dr. Fredda Branyon, our owner and president, opened our doors over 20 years ago, her goal was clear: to offer alternative cancer therapies that focus on the whole body, including emotional and spiritual wellness — not just the physical symptoms.


Our Dedication to Holistic and Complementary Care

Our remarkable success in helping numerous patients across borders achieve cancer remission with our comprehensive approach speaks volumes about our unwavering commitment. The advanced, non-toxic treatments available at our facility have helped patients experience tumor regression, avoid recurrence, and lead healthier lives post-treatment. We remain dedicated to providing exemplary care that is both effective and accessible.

New Hope Medical Center offers powerful alternative cancer therapies that remain unavailable in developed and third-world countries. The absence of pressures from insurance companies to see countless patients a day also allows our licensed medical practitioners to take the best care of each cancer patient. Furthermore, we have a state-of-the-art health department that enables our doctors, nurses, and medical staff to offer the most advanced therapies available around the world.


Precautions When Traveling to Mexico for Cancer Treatment

Traveling to another country for medical care comes with risks. By understanding the potential risks and knowing how to minimize them, you can ensure a safe journey.

Medical tourism requires careful considerations. It’s important to choose a destination complete with security, access to food and water, and perhaps even local attractions if you are traveling with loved ones. Let’s discuss some of these points further below.

  • Travel: New Hope Medical Center may escort you to our facility after landing at the local airport. You can contact us for more information on going abroad for alternative cancer treatment.
  • Food and water. Not only is your overall well-being of utmost importance to us, but we also know that malnutrition is a driving force in cancer deaths. Our kitchen staff serves nutritious and delicious meals daily. We source our ingredients from top local suppliers and in the US. Rest assured our team is committed to creating a dining experience with your health and nutrition in mind.
  • Security: Our facility in San Luis Rio Colorado has a security team to ensure your safety and comfort. Since we established our treatment center, we have not had a single safety concern.


Team Up With New Hope Unlimited

Cancer is a debilitating, unpredictable disease with many different forms and, in some cases, unknown origins. When the body no longer responds to conventional medicine, it may require a holistic approach for healing and remission to take place.

New Hope Unlimited sees each and every patient as an individual in need of new hope to truly see that life is worth living. Among our goals is to provide that ray of hope through advanced therapies and proven wellness techniques; to turn patients into strong soldiers in their battle with cancer. It’s our honor and pleasure to provide top-notch care to those who come through our doors seeking hope in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico.


Schedule Your Pre-Travel Consultation

If you are planning to travel to Mexico for medical care, we recommend contacting us to discuss general information regarding your safety and to learn about any specific risks you may face due to your health, the locale, procedures, and all in between. Call us at 480-757-6573 to get started. While waiting for your appointment, you can go through our News Page for everything you need to know about cancer – from the different types to the latest updates on treatments. 

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