Celebration of Life: June 5 is National Cancer Survivors Day

Celebration of Life: June 5 is National Cancer Survivors DayThe battle against cancer may be fierce and challenging, but it’s a fight that can be won.

National Cancer Survivors Day is an annual event for celebrating the lives of those who surpassed cancer, inspiring recently diagnosed patients, offering support to families and friends, and reaching out to the community. The aim of the event is to honor cancer survivors and show that a good quality of life can be maintained even after cancer diagnosis and during treatment. It is held every first Sunday of June and observed in different communities in the United States and around the world.

As of January 2014, there are about 14.5 million cancer survivors, and this number is expected to grow up to 18.9 million in 2024. Thanks to health and medical innovations, cancer is becoming more manageable and possible to overcome.


Who are Cancer Survivors?

Cancer survivors not just refer to individuals who turned out cancer-free after treatment, they also include patients who had recurrences and those who are continuously battling the disease. This goes to show that surviving cancer is not just about looking for a cure, it’s about finding the courage to face the disease head on, live as fully as possible, and hope for the best.


Celebrating Cancer Survivors

On this day, people from different communities have gathered to celebrate life and the journey to being cancer-free. Some gathered to share their story through works of art, give gifts, mingle with family and friends, share a meal together, and simply enjoy the day and each others company.

If you want to take part in National Cancer Survivors Day, you can organize your own event in your community. While it can be a simple gathering of cancer survivors, families, friends, and medical professionals, it’s still a great opportunity to spread awareness about the disease, how to overcome it, and what happens after treatment.


Health Tips for Cancer Survivors

As part of our participation for this special day, we recognize that being a cancer survivor poses a lot of challenges. That’s why we’ve outlined a few tips on how you can protect your health during and after cancer treatment.

  • Seek emotional support. Fighting cancer can be emotionally taxing. That’s why it’s essential to seek emotional support before, during, and after treatment. This will help maintain a positive outlook in life and reduce chances of depression.
  • Lessen your risk of infection during treatment. Infection can be detrimental to health, especially during cancer treatment. You can avoid it through proper hygiene and seeking immediate medical attention on the first sign of infection.
  • Opt for follow-up care after treatment. Follow-up care ensures that you are cancer-free, help determine recurrence early, and address any side effect from the treatment you went through.
  • Live healthy. Make a conscious effort to live a healthy lifestyle. Avoid tobacco use and limit alcohol intake and exposure to UV rays. Furthermore, maintain a healthy diet and stay physically active so that you can remain at your ideal weight.


National Cancer Survivors Day is celebrated in order to empower patients and families. With proper awareness and recognizing life’s beauty amidst the disease, we can all be victors over cancer not just today, but all year round as well.

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