Amazing Cancer Survivor Stories

renewed hopeLooking for amazing cancer survivor stories? There are more than a few survivors with seemingly miraculous cures from getting a terminal diagnosis from the disease. For example, one such person named Sharon Belvin tried ipilimumab, an experimental drug which was used for treating melanoma in her lungs when she was twenty-two. This aimed to trigger her immunity system against the disease. Having gotten a diagnosis of lung melanoma at the age of twenty-two, her tumors began shriveling within four months. At the age of twenty-seven she is completely treatment-free and spends her time with her daughter Lilly Elizabeth and her husband.

Like Sharon, the odds really are overcome by some cancer patients. Some go on medicine experiments to help themselves. Others take approved drugs that most are unable to endure for toxicity. Spontaneous remissions are the most mysterious of all the cases, in which with no treatment, all signs of the tumors vanish. Each year in medical literature, only cases by the handful are reported.

Response to Drugs

Some cancer survivors respond to specific drugs compared to others and at top labs, this is the focus of real scrutiny. Reasons might include the sensitivity of tumor stem cells, the mutations a tumor has as well as the system of immunity. One main reason why a patient might do better than another one is due to the fact that their particular strain has a specified mutation set which makes them have sensitivity to drugs. This tells us that there are specific mutations that tumors have which are unique and are exploitable therapeutically.

Gene mutations are something researchers are beginning to discover which influence the response of drugs. For instance, particular EGFR proteins are something that a tenth per cent of patients with cancer of the lungs happen to have.

Evidence of Combat

There has also been evidence found by scientists that at times, the system of immunity kicks into playing a cancer-combating role. For decades, this has been debated hotly and many are not convinced.

Charles Burrows

In the year two thousand and five, Charles Burrows was given two months to live with a diagnosis of liver cancer that was terminal. Ninety days later with no treatment at all, the cancer simply disappeared without a trace. This was highly unusual that the story was even published in a medicine journals. Many possible explanations were given for miraculous instances such as this but the one most likely is due to the body’s system of immunity getting involved.

It turns out, some cancer patients merely need a tiny trigger to propel a strong attack against cancer while others are unable to successfully fight back. The body’s immune system find some tumors more visible than others.

There are a few cancer miracle recovery stories that are simply amazing. Some of these include those of Jan Lesser, Jamie Spencer, Joseph Rick and Barbara Bradfield, all of which recovered from a diagnosis of cancer and are cancer-free to this day seemingly miraculously.

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