alternative cancer therapies

Barbara B.

Originally, I had breast cancer in 1994. I went with natural alterative getting excellent results except back then I was not as knowledgeable. I listened to some doctors who talked me into some procedures and surgeries – that looking back were both unnecessary and harmful. Thankfully I learned but it was the hard way. I now know the value of natural alternatives and began to study it intensely. Since 1995 I started a holistic support group of sharing information and it has touched people’s lives greatly. In 2010, I was in an automobile accident, sustaining multiple injuries including seat belt trauma to the breast and pectoral muscle area. To help confront the risk of cancer, I came to New Hope in 2011 to receive full treatment as a preventative and “just in case” I had cancer. Subsequently, due to pectoral muscle tears, scarring and pain I decided to again repeat the full treatment New Hope provides at this time. I am confident their treatment procedures are exactly what I needed to continue to be a cancer survivor. I feel really blessed to have their care and support – know they are there for me!

All this is received here in the form of treatments/therapies far exceed what would have been available somewhere else. Many of them I read about and wanted were all here in this one place at New Hope. In my belief, they are all critical to the treatment of cancer, of which I am thankful.

[The doctors] provided excellent, thorough care for all my medical needs. Luis and his lab team administered the lab procedures in a professional manner. The other medical staff were always there to help and was much appreciated. I could not have asked for better care than I received!

Again coming here, I will continue to express to others how easily accessible the hospital is to get to (even though in Mexico) because of its proximity to Yuma. The surrounding area is a safe and pleasant community. The hospital is technically modern, professionally staffed, very clean, and the diverse extensive alternative treatments are excellent.