New Hope Supplement Program

cancer supplementsIn an effort to demonstrate our commitment to the patient’s recovery and fight against cancer, New Hope Medical Center has designed the “Shop at Home Program” for our patient’s convenience. If a patient needs to re-order supplements in between their stay at New Hope, they can call New Hope, or they can submit the appropriate Contact Form.

New Hope believes that rebuilding the immune system is crucial for immune system recovery and health. These supplements are designed to potentially boost the immune system during the fight against cancer. The protocols and supplement programs are taught during treatment at the New Hope facility. This monthly program includes products designed to potentially build the immune system, enzymes, detoxification and tumor reduction. *

The supplements associated with our unique program can only be purchased through professional practitioners.

Existing patients who are interested in re-ordering supplements.

Please call us:(480) 473-9808, or submit a Contact Us form. A patient care coordinator will promptly respond to your request!

Additional Supplement Information

New Hope Supplements use Nutraceuticals to aid the Immune System. The immune system is the body’s first and last line of defense! These are natural substances with pharmacological properties which are possibly used to strengthen the body’s immune system in its fight against chronic disease and immune disorders such as cancer.

Our immune system is a complex system involving communication between the body’s organs, tissues, hormones and chemicals. It is an amazing protection mechanism which helps our body defend us against foreign invaders such as viruses, bacteria, microbes, parasites, and toxins which we come in contact with daily.

A compromised immune system can fail to protect the body against these foreign invaders, diseases, allergies, arthritis, infections, and can fail to stop the growth of cancer cells.

Stop feeling helpless to your disease…you still have options!


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DISCLAIMER: It is important to understand that as of today’s standard; only traditional medicine is known to be FDA approved. New Hope Medical Center does not make any stated or implied claims regarding results. The extent of the response to treatment varies from patient to patient, even those with a similar diagnosis due to the uniqueness of each patient’s internal body makeup.

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