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Robert Fucci – Alternative Colon Cancer Treatment Testimonial



Colon Cancer

Robert's Testimonial

Robert: Hello my name is Robert Fucci, I lived in Pahoa Hawaii on a big island. And ahm.. I had been diagnosed June of two thousand fifteen (2015) with stage three(3) Colon cancer. And ahm.. I just happened to find ahm.. New Hope on the Internet and I loved the message and ahm.. the woman called me back and explain the program so I thought we will give it a try and I must say this is way beyond my expectations, to treatments, to immunotherapy all the of this, the live cell therapy whatever. Whatever all that it is, is just, overwhelming and I can’t itemized everything but if you come here for treatments you will be more than satisfied. And the staff, the doctors the nurses, everybody here is absolutely wonderful. I feel like I’m in my own home. I feel like I have a support now a lot of friends and the treatments is not really over yet because I’m leaving to go home and ahm.. We will be receiving treatments for another four(4) months. So, ahm.. this been kind of like or you can call it medical vacation and I’m very very happy and I highly recommend that if you have cancer or I don’t know whatever the problem is more likely will be a serious problem this is a place you wanna be. Thank you.

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