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Patricia Ford – Tonsil Cancer Survivor



Tonsil Cancer

Patricia and Erick's Testimonial


Hi, my name is Patricia Ford and I am from Fort Worth, Texas. And I'm here to tell my story how my journey began with a diagnosis of tonsil cancer and cancer of the lymph nodes. It began, I guess, October 2019. I started off with a cough. And from the cough, it began with a lump in my throat. I kept telling my husband my throat, feel funny. Is this a knot back there? And he was like, oh, you'd be all right then.

So I went to a neighborhood doctor because my primary care physician he weren’t in, so I just opened my mouth. It was really really bad. I think I just drink some lemonade. And my throat was really bad. He's like, Oh, yeah, you need to go to the doctor. So like I said, My primary care wasn’t in. So we went to like a what we call a neighborhood doctor in Texas. As soon as I opened my mouth, she said, Oh, you have a throat infection. We're going to give you some, some antibiotics. So they gave me a six pack of antibiotics for six days. And I took it for six days. And it didn't work. It was so much they were still with him that so he's a we'll call your primary care. So we did a call Dr. Truman and he got me in and he said, well look like it's your tonsils. So I'm going to refer you to an auntie. So he referred me to the auntie and hear Nose and Throat Yeah, your nose and throat doctor. And right away, they put me on an antibiotic, a six day antibody and put it on. And I said Tom has mastered this deal that's not working. So I call back and they get me in. And they said, Well, we got to send you to have a a CT scan. So by this time is like the first week in December. So we went ahead to the CT scan done with that, and yeah, I walked in off this by myself, you know, not thinking, you know, that was gonna show anything. And so then they come in and said, Well, we want to do a biopsy and I was alone. I'm like, okay, that's not good biopsy, they want to do a biopsy. So I did the biopsy, call my husband cry, do biopsies and woke me up. Alright. So I did the biopsy. And then a week later, we went back to the doctor like December 18. This was my Christmas present. It was like, okay, God, what he's like, I hate to break the bad news. So it's on December 18 2019.

So we go in and we sit down the first night he walks in and I mean, it was no gentle way he just began to say, you know, you have cancer of the tonsils. And then he just began to proceed, you know, to say you're gonna have to have this surgery, we don't have to remove your tonsils and I'm thinking Wait, wait, wait Oh, okay, I'm just let me just grasp the thought of I have cancer and he's talking about all these horrible things we're gonna have to do you know, take your tonsils out and then you're gonna have to do radiation and then he's like, well, you might not have to do chemo but you definitely know how to do radiation and then the surgery is not like a normal tonsillitis surgery its more in depth. And I'm thinking, oh my god, I don't want to do this the whole time. He's like, Lord, I won't do any of this, what he's talking about.

So Yeah, so that was my Christmas. Yeah, that was a Christmas present. He's like, I'm sorry to tell you this news the week before Christmas. And so we went through holiday, you know, the best as we could.


It was pretty devastating. You know. Yeah. It was like we were both punched in the gut, you know, and she was punched in the gut. It wasn't nothing I can do about it, you know, but absorb as much as her pain is that could you know, it was pretty rough. Having somebody tell you that you have to do this, you have to do that. And you think that you know, because you think Casper is always here to do that. And I'm talking to the doctor and asking, Can we get a handle on this? Yes, we can. But as things progress, she went to more follow up treatments and more exuberant cost. And later, she started meeting some of the people that were going to do some of the more chemo more more chemo therapies to different therapies and it was just getting worse. The news is getting worse and worse and worse. It wasn't getting better.


It's got to be something out there better for me than this. I'm like, this is not the quality of life that I want to live. I don't want to go the rest of my life with a dry mouth, or kidney issues or, or anything. You know, I just kept calling my husband. I'd be crying on the phone. Oh, he is he's just, it's just too much. I say babies cry. All he says is just too much just too much every time he goes to something. It was nothing never positive. To me. It was I mean to some people who thought you know, okay, this is my only route that you know that it might have been all they have, but I kept saying, I kept talking to them more every day I say, it's got to be something better for me than going this route. And so what I did was called one of my godmothers. She's in California.

I told her about my diagnosis, and she knew it was something wrong because she had called me during Christmas and she said, there's something wrong with my Patricia, but I don't know what it is. So I finally called her told her what was going on. And she didn't tell me what to do. She prayed immediately when I told her she began to pray for me. And I felt the lifting when she prayed for me. And in before we got off the phone, she said goddaughter I’m not tell you what to do, but whatever you decide to do with you, but only they might ask you to do when you get off the phone with me its Google.

Google. Okay. So immediately I got off the phone with her. And I go, Okay, what am I supposed to Google? She didn't tell me what the Google or nothing. She just said Google. So I Googled, I said, Okay, I'll turn to medicine for cancer. New Hope came up was the very first one, it came up.

And I was in bedroom by myself, my husband's in the room watching TV. So I began to read all the specs on New Hope. And I watched the videos of all the testimonials of everybody, you know, who had been here, and within an hour of just sitting and meditating, a piece when I clicked on it, it's like a piece just came over me. It was just like, and I hadn't noticed I had been through this whole tarma I have never had peace. But I felt when I clicked on this website, I felt the peace of God come over me like I had felt it months.

So, like I said, I began to read. And then I went in there and I told my husband I said, babe, I think I found what I want to do. He's always been supportive. He said, babe, this is your body. He's like, so whatever you want to do whatever I got to do, I'm with you. I'm behind you. So that made me feel good cuz he's always been there praying for me, lifted me up. You know, when I feel like I'm weak. He's always been there. By your side. I'm here with you. You're not alone. And so and let me know Okay, he's, I don't care what it costs. What nothing. He said. This is your body. And if this is what you want to do, we're going to do it is so I call my sister. And I told her what I have found. And I call so call my friend, which is my sister in law, Denise and she's a nutritionist, herbalist nutritionist. And we all got I got everybody on it on this was like a Thursday night, January the eight no 15 something like that.

And so anyway, we got them on a Thursday night. And we email the facility, New hope left a message for them to call us on Friday morning. And they did bright and early 9:30 I got this call from Eli, very nice gentleman who works here. And he took my information and then Mr. Larry Otool after that. He called me and separate appointment. I had my sister, my husband and Denise. We're all on phone together to kind of go over what to expect what all procedure procedures that they do here what makes them different than going you know, doing the regular chemo and radiation treatments and stuff.

So after getting off the phone with Mr. Larry Otool, everybody was like, sound hopeful. Because there I really felt like I had no hope because I didn't want to do traditional medicines and things that, you know, the regular doctors medical field want to do. I just, I just couldn't see myself doing it. But after getting off the phone with him and, and everything, I felt hopeful I felt a lot. Like I can do this and this is what God's plan was for me for a better way of life than doing the regular chemo and radiation and just chemicals does this go to destroy my body. And so everybody has been wonderful at New Hope unlimited.

We got our paperwork gone. Calm is Nancy, who works in Arizona, she called us and got our paperwork gone help us, you know, tell us what our funding but need to be. So the journey has been really easy, really simple. I mean, God just kind of opened the door. I mean, I call him Friday had get my medical papers which I went to my ENT doctor that Monday to get the paperwork, they didn't give me any trouble. So they let me get the paperwork, send your bloodwork back here so they can make sure you know your candidate and whatever, you know, and so they did. By Monday evening they let me know Okay, your candidate you can come down here, I'm like, oh, okay, well good. So now we just got to come up with the funding. Man God, he just I just know this God orchestrated thing because it's just like one thing after another he just the money came through airfare came through at the doors when he just kept opening he kept opening up the doors for the opportunity for me to be here. And so I knew that I was on the right road and this was the path that I was supposed to take.

And so Monday like Monday, I got my the medical record and then we got the money together. Nancy helped us coordinate all that you know, getting everything together to for the funniest this and then I went to my ENT because I had to have a biopsy. On Thursday, I went to get my results for the biopsy. I had on a on a I'm on my thyroid.

And so I went by myself, my husband didn't go by head to face that time by myself. So I went into the ENT. And he said, Well, good news, the thyroid did come back, you know, no cancer and hit that way. We just want you to check it every year. So he say so when you going back to see the oncologist, and I say I'm not exactly what you heard. Total silence, his eyes got big. So what do you mean you're not? I was like, I decided to do alternative. And then he said, Oh, I was like, yeah. And then he then he proceeded to say, well, where are you going? And I told him, I said, I'm going to do what he did.

Okay. And then then if you see this well I haven't heard of this one. But, you know, most of the cancers, you know, they come back and I'm just thinking, I'm not here to argue with this doctor.


But he said even after everything that they do, it could come back. So you they beat you and destroy your body and then it comes back. I mean, they what I mean, it doesn't make sense. But the doctor that we talked to with New Hope, he made sense, when he was when he talked about alternative medicines in what it takes to allow the body to heal itself. And it just makes sense. Our bodies are made and designed. He said, we will help the body do what is to what it does best and that's to heal itself. And that was reassuring, that was alternative in nobody thinks about that. But to have it you have somebody here with confidence that there is a strategy, there is a process in place to help you in the situation that does not destroy, you know, your body, your liver, your job. I mean, it is so much.

It was very, very reassuring. And the reason why you have that piece is because your body knows it is not that the man tells you your own body knows that it can do it. And that's in with us hearing that from the doctor. All of us were in agreement because our body know what we heard it with our own ears and our own being is telling us that there is a better way then than what what they the strategy that they had in place which was very, very detrimental. But that's all you know, because that's how you ever hear. And if that made it made sense, and we wouldn't get punched in the gut, you know, that we been getting back in a boxing ring you getting beat up everywhere you go about physicians.

So it makes sense. So I was happy to she said, This is what I want to do. My mind is made up. And one of the doctors said this, and I and I, he said you, she said, What if I don't want to do it? He said, the end of the day, he said, You are the master of your own body. And once he said that, I said, Remember what the doctors say to you. If you don't want them to do it, they won't do it. So she said, I don't want to do it. I said, Well, you master your own body wherever you want to go and get your treatment. That's what you do. And so in her mind was made up her heart was fixed and we made it happen. And she came down here and then had a smile on her face. And then really up in our spirit about everything

And the results is results oriented. And she's looking good. She's speaking well it was like, before she left I could tell when I got here. When she left you she were talking likes he had something and echo. And now she's even this short amount of time. I can tell the difference. She looks good or voice has changed. So there has to be some errors. Something happened here because he's her voices back where it was. And this in a short amount of time and so you know, there's some progress being something's something special is happening. Something special is happening with you. And I can tell you.


I could feel it. I mean, when I first came here, I mean it was Yeah. I could feel it a lot. I mean I still can feel it a little bit of it but it's not like it's taken a whole lot of my


She couldn't swallow. She was gagging all the time. Yeah, she was in pain and now it is amazing. It really is amazing and I can't I can't put words to cuz I'm refresh ears I come five days after she come here or six seven days after she's come so fresh eyes No fresh eyes see more and more fresh years here heard more for when I've heard your voice and when I see you from when you left to win seven days when I got here. It is definitely it definitely progress, a lot of progress in a short amount of time. And this is what amazing with me usually going you know dramatic, long drawn out process. But within within this seven to 10 days, this has been a tremendous progress may it is it has to be positive and nothing but positive. Positive.


I feel I feel positive about the treatment that I've had the people here was great. The nurses here is great. The staff here is great. The food it takes some adjusting because we're used to eating all the processed foods, but you know, now I have to eat to live and not live to eat. So am I getting my mind set, you know, ready that I'm going to have to eat to live and not live. So that's going to be you know, that's gonna be a lifestyle change. And I'm glad my husband didn't get to come because I kept telling him over the phone because I came here first by myself. You know that baby will have to we don't have to make changes on some food. Because God has made food to heal us, and we have neglected to choose the right foods, to put the right things in our bodies to make our bodies heal itself because if they're made to heal itself, he created our bodies to heal itself and come into New Hope. It just opens the door and train you how to do the things that God has already put in place that we totally neglected to do. You know, to keep ourselves whole and healthy. And so being here, it just opened the door for me to want to live a healthier and a better and a longer life because you have to do you know what they tell you to do.

You got to eat right. You got to take your supplements, do your therapies, your take your vitamins, whatever they tell you to do you just have to have your mind set that hey, this is better than the alternative that I had. And I'm not saying coming here is going to be the easiest thing because you know your body is aligning to the way God has wanted it to be. So some of these therapeutic treatments, the dendedrix, and the high ozone, blood and all this, you know, your body is not used to all of this. So it goes through some changes, which they said is good. You know, you may get a little fever luteal here and there. But that is something that your body's not used to so your body's getting back into Lhasa. I'm not saying that. You know your role is going to be a bed of roses, but compared to what we got out the alternatives and the regular mainstream. This is a piece of cake.


Without he said what the body needs is is proper nutrition it needs water it needs oxygen and it needs exercise and then that's a quote I put in he said without those three things, he said, your body will try to kill you. And he did and now we live in it. And because without all these things in place, your body literally tried to kill you. So we was putting all those things back in place. So that the body he said the body will heal itself if you give it all those things, nutrition, exercise, oxygen, and water. He said, your body will heal itself. Without these things. It'll try to kill you. And and that's when we're living it now. So we're just putting up uses. It that’s what makes sense. And when we got on the phone with the doctor, which explained it well. It was awesome. This is awesome.

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