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Michelle Hoffman – Lymphoma Survivor



Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Michelle's Testimonial


Michelle: Hi! my name is Michelle Hoffman.

Tyler: And I’m Tyler Hoffman, we’re from Casper, Wyoming.

Michelle: And we heard about New Hope through a book “Cancer Killers”. I have read that book and you guys were listed in the back in the books. We did a lot of research, came down here where we spent 12 days - loved every minute of it.

Tyler: Yeah!

Michelle: It’s been a great experience.

Tyler: Everybody is super nice. We formed a lot of good friendships and I’m sure will be long lasting relationships with the people here. We’re taking pictures this morning, we’re getting ready to head office afternoon and it’s a little bittersweet. On one hand you're excited because you wanted to go home but on the other hand it’s been so nice being here because it’s like a great big family. You know, you’re not just restricted to like - you have to be in your room all the time. The building is absolutely gorgeous, it’s nice as any Hilton holiday inn that you could think of, the neighborhood is safe. I spent many mornings, myself, walking up to the corner just getting a cup of coffee, she had coffee also. Here in the room they would pick these up some organic stuff that she could have and it’s been absolutely amazing.

Michelle: What else? The staff here is amazing. Everybody is calling us.

Tyler: Yeah!

Michelle: Yeah!

Tyler: If you have any fears about maybe thinking about coming to Mexico and each time where we see a phone number she’s at a paperwork. She kept crossing out where it said San Luis and she said Oh no! we’re going to Scottsdale.

Michelle: Yeah! I was confused.

Tyler: Yeah! A little, a little confused and we found out we’re coming Mexico initially it was like - Oh man! We’re going to Mexico, we don’t know what’s going on but when we got down here. This place is incredible, absolutely incredible! You should have no fears or no reservations about coming here. The treatment is topnotch, the staff is above reproach, they are incredible, absolutely amazing! The food is awesome! I can’t say enough good things about food. I’m a big guy and I like to eat and they’re not afraid to feed you. So, it’s been good.

Michelle: Yes.

Tyler: We hope this little message has been of some great benefit to you. It certainly was to us, given that. And we sure hopely to come back here soon. I know we’re coming back in October for some other stuff we’re gonna have done. So, we’ll definitely keep coming back and this is a great big family you’ll, you’ll want to comeback here. Definitely want to come back here.

Michelle: Yup! So goodbye from the Hoffman’s!

Tyler: Goodbye!

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