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Barry – Appendix Cancer Survivor



Appendix Cancer

Barry's Testimonial


BARRY: My name is Barry and this is Brenda. We’re from Loxley, Alabama. We were looking for a facility, that we could, that I can get cancer treatment. I’ve already went through twelve chemo treatments in the last three years. I had appendiceal cancer, that came out in my appendix and went into the connective tissue of my belly and I’ve already had a major HIPEC surgery. So, we were looking for a holistic, alternative method of treatment. As we started looking, we found that there were several options, so, we started praying and asking God which way to lead us. To illuminate our path and so in the process of looking it, the website we found, that this one was more illuminated than the rest.

BRENDA: If you have concerns, especially if it’s your spouse. If you have concerns, just let God take care of it because we knew when we walked through the door that this was the right place.

BARRY: And everyone here is trained in the utmost care of the patients. We have been to several cancer treatment centers through the United States, but this place is number one. The ladies, the therapist, from the therapist all the way to the cooks. The people who prepares foods, the ladies, the nurses on all shifts, even the midnight shift and the Sunday shift, that only one nurse comes in and you’ll only see them probably one time are all genuinely focused to try to make sure that you’re comfortable and to help you with any need you have while you’re staying here. And I can just say and I know I’m saying it for Brenda that this has been a wonderful journey. It’s been a, of course this has been over a 3-year journey, going on four years, but this is the highlight of our four- year journey. That we have been on here at New Hope Unlimited.

BRENDA: I wish this would have been our first stop.

BARRY: I wish this was our first stop. Yes! Absolutely.

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