How to Support Parents and Children with Cancer

While it may be straightforward to support children by preparing them and loving them unconditional, caregivers need support of their own if they want to help their child overcome their diseases. Here are some tips to those who know parents who have children battling cancer.

  • Just help out

Most people would tell the parents of cancer patients that they are there and would like to help. However, this trying time is already difficult without having to decide what to ask for friends and relatives. That being said, just help out in whatever capacity is possible. Give them gift cards to stores and restaurants, as they are already probably financially strained with the treatment.

Likewise, parents would appreciate having a break or two. If possible, offer to babysit their other children or to mind the sick child while giving them two hours or a night to themselves – after all, cancer is a long battle, and even parents would get burnt out.

  • Keep an eye for other children

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, oftentimes the needs of the other children in the family are overlooked because everyone else is focused on making the life of the sick child more bearable. If possible, whenever giving a gift to the sick child, then make sure to give something to the other siblings as well. This would ensure that the other siblings wouldn’t feel neglected or overlooked – and the parents would surely appreciate the effort.

  • Send good vibes

Lastly, supporting a parent doesn’t only mean giving favors or sending gifts. As much as possible (and as much as they would tolerate it), tell them that they are thought of, and that prayers are being made to the wellbeing of their child and their family. This way, the family would have an abundant supply of positive vibes. Plus, it might just make their day to hear that someone is thinking of them.

As with most difficult things in life, people cope with cancer and its aftermath in different ways. Learn when the family may feel as if the outsider’s help is already as imposition, or when the help is needed. Be sensitive to their needs, and then a friend’s or relative’s support may become invaluable.

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