September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Prostate Cancer AwarenessAmong men, prostate cancer is the most common. This September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and it is time to raise the education of the general public with regards to this particular type of cancer. This month is dedicated to connecting and engaging the government, academia, media and the public about this disease that affects every person to a greater or lesser degree. Whether it involves research announcements that are cutting edge, a public service announcement, a news feature, a landmark that has been illuminated with the color blue or even an event to raise funds, September is geared towards getting the word out about Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in a manner that is widespread, diverse and extremely accurate.

One idea that is getting implemented in other countries is a fundraising event called Pants Off for Prostate Cancer in which women and men are encouraged to check their clothing at the door including their pants and coats! This makes for a hilarious evening that is both fashionably fun and extremely unforgettable. One part fundraiser and one part social, you can check out this fundraiser if you are in the area. This is something you might want to implement in your area as well as it is both fun and accomplishes the task of getting people aware of this disease. Many other ideas for raising awareness include a fun run, a raffle, playing bingo for a cause, hosting seminars talks and even opening a help line where people can call just to find out all they need to know about prostate cancer. Handing out leaflets and flyers are another way in which the word gets spread about this particular issue. Do your part by applying some ideas about increasing awareness.

In other countries such as Canada, certain landmarks from coast to coast are to be blue illuminated during the month of September to mark this month as the one in which awareness needs to be raised for prostate cancer. This is a great example to follow and learn from. Perhaps this is something that the rest of the nation and the world can do as well.

Over the past two decades, death from this type of cancer has dropped a certain percentage. On the other hand, there remains to be a lot of work that needs to be accomplished in order to further reduce this number. A great place to begin is the active participation and collective understanding that is part of the broader spectrum of awareness. In other words, the more everyone is able to comprehend what this disease is all about, the better equipped and the more likely everyone is to come together and really create change whether it is through dialing the number of your health care provider, making donations to work and research or by getting information shared as much as possible. This is truly a very important cause and spreading the word this month of September and beyond may be just the thing that is necessary to get the right actions in gear.

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