September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month


Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is on September and this is a time to remember and honor families and children affected by this rare disease. It is also a time to help gain support for ground breaking research in order to give kids that have cancer better outcomes. There are a few things you can do to help rally support. The simplest way you can ensure that research is ongoing is to make a donation. For a cure, it is the only path to real success.

Spreading the Word
Spread the word about children with cancer and the realities they face each and every day. On your profile in social media, you can share articles and activities for events this month that have to do with this issue. You might even get to raise more money to fund the best research for childhood cancer in order to help the kids involved. To do this, you can create a page just for fund raising and include a few pertinent pictures with it. You can then begin to customize your page. Create a page link that is easy to share with friends, easy to read and one that is shorter. Write a website message that is compelling and let every person you meet know what you are doing. Share personal accounts of why you are raising money to research childhood cancer. Make the first donation to the page in order to kick off the fund raising. Think about how much you want donors to offer and when you make the first donation, put in this exact amount. Spreading the word through snail mail, email, tweeting, texting or calling to let every person know about what you are doing is going to come in handy.

You can organize an event in order to raise money and awareness for children with cancer. The sky is the limit for what to do. You can jump rope for hours, read a stack of books, run a five kilometer marathon, host a head shaving event in your community or organize your own. The sky really is the limit when it comes to what you can do to raise awareness about childhood cancer.

Speaking Up
Children with cancer need adults speaking for them and if you feel you can help give a voice this month to raise awareness about kids with cancer, you can sign up and begin to speak up.

Funding Research
By funding research, you can help childhood cancer. When you do this, you give every child with this disease a hop that an effective solution will be found. When you save the life of a child, you affect future generations, families and every person that that child will be influencing in one lifetime. When you support science, you affect all the personnel, collaborators and trainees as well as the current work connected to the work. You also affect all the studies of the future that follow in one life time. In other words, you change lives at the moment as well as for years to come when you get involved.

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