The search for cancer antidotes

Are you a cancer patient or a cancer survivor? Or do you have a loved one who is undergoing the financially-draining, strength-exhausting and morally-distressing disease? Chances are you have searched far and wide for its antidotes.

You are not alone. In fact, a number of scientists all throughout the world have been devoting their lives and effort in the search for cancer’s treatments and antidotes in this moment of time. Several foundations lead by some renowned personalities and generous philanthropists have funded for the research and studies for cancer’s antidote. And not a few, if not all, governments in the world are focusing part of their time and effort in searching for its solution as well.

Even herbalists and traditional medicine practitioners and supporters give their share of time and commitment to discover breakthroughs regarding cancer’s treatment.

The search for cancer antidotes has been a task by human beings even dated far too long ago. It’s just became known recently because of the advancement of technologies, whether for broadcasting the finding of the research or for the spreading of the studies.

But the concentration of finding cures and treatments for cancer has been getting more and more aggressive recently because of the hope that one day, cancer will only be a thing of the past.

Researches and studies

The scientists’ studies might have no accurate or specific results yet but hopefully we’re going there someday.

However, because of these researches and studies regarding cancer and its treatment, cancer survival rates are exponentially increasing. And there’s no better time to support these organizations than now.

Here we have listed up some of the organizations and institutes that are studying about cancer and its antidotes.

    • National Cancer Institute (
      The scientists’ studies might have no accurate or specific results yet but hopefully we’re going there someday
  • Cancer Research UK (
    This charity organization has been there for some time. Its focus is for research, studies, cancer awareness and fundraising for further research plans.
  • American Cancer Society (
    This society aims to help cancer patients and their family find the support they need. It also helps them to find the researches and studies for their cancer patients. It also aids in cancer patient’s and the family’s decision-making.
  • Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou (
    Another organization which aggressively research and study about cancers and their treatments, this hospital founded in 2005 in cooperation with its Asian counterparts. This hospital has been offering some of the options of cancer treatments depending on the patient’s wants and needs.

There are about a hundred other researches and studies, organizations which nonetheless focus on the finding of cancer treatments and its antidotes around the world. However, what makes cancer treatments and antidotes very elusive to find is because cancer varies. For example, breast cancer therapies and antidotes are different from lung cancer’s.

That’s why cancer research and studies organizations are welcome today more than ever.



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