Is the Gallbladder Cleanse Safe?

A study concludes that one-quarter of women over 60 worldwide will develop gallstones, and cholecystectomy leads as the most common elective abdominal surgery in America with over 750,000 procedures per year. Disorders in the gallbladder have increased by 20 percent in the last three decades, costing America a total of $6.2 billion a year in collective medical bills.

The high probability of developing such diseases have made gallbladder flushes increasingly popular in recent years — but are they safe? Let’s find out.

is the gallbladder cleanse safeWhat is a gallbladder cleanse?

The gallbladder cleanse, also known as a gallbladder flush or liver flush, is a practice that rids the body of stones and sludges. However, there is no scientific evidence suggesting that the detox regimen can prevent or treat gallstones.

The flush involves eating or drinking a combination of apple juice or cider, olive oil, Epsom salt, and herbs over the course of a week — during which you may be advised to avoid proteins, carbs, fatty acids, or solid foods entirely. There is no standard formula for gallbladder cleansing regimens, as different practitioners follow their own recipes.

The proponents of gallbladder cleansing claim that the process helps in breaking up gallstones, releasing them in the form of stool. According to the Mayo Clinic, “People who have taken a gallbladder cleanse report finding lumps that look like gallstones in their stool just after the procedure. When analyzed, though, these lumps turn out to be composed of oil, juice, and other materials,” not actual stones and sludges.

Is it safe?

It can be easy for innovators to call a potentially hazardous regimen a valid detox plan. In this case, the straight answer is no, a gallbladder flush is not safe for everyone. We fully understand the longing for treatment that does not require expensive medication or surgery, and gallbladder cleanses, to simply put it — are not worth the risks. The process may push a stone into your bile ducts, causing the need for emergency surgery to remove the gallbladder.

As a conventional rule of thumb, it is always best to consult your doctor and seek approbation before undergoing any type of internal body cleansing ritual.

Other cautions to heed

If the cleanse is performed incorrectly, it can pose harmful or even life-threatening effects. Some people may experience moderate to severe symptoms of nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea during and after the cleansing period.

In addition, the individual components of herbal mixtures used in a gallbladder flush may also present health hazards, and excessive consumption of Epsom salts can cause dehydrating effects and severe loss of fluids.

Consider your treatment options today

If you have a history of gallbladder issues that require medical care, discuss proven treatment options with your general practitioner. In cases when gallbladder cancer is found and staged, call us at 480-666-1403 to discuss a cross between conventional and alternative treatment options available for you. At New Hope Medical Center, we design holistic remedies that protect and strengthen the body’s natural defense systems. Talk to us. We’d love to help.

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