Get Screened: 10 General Cancer Signs and Symptoms

10 General Cancer Signs and Symptoms
Cancer can be characterized as a form of disease which is caused by an uncontrolled growth of the abnormal cells in the body. This disease is the most common deadliest disease a person can have. Due to the malignancy of the cell growth, it losses the normal patterns of cell growth in the body which leads to the presence of the abnormality. More than a 100 types of cancers are now been discovered up to date and certain treatments has been set to cure or prevent the advancement of the disease.

Even if we don’t care to admit it, we find ourselves skipping our regular our check-ups or delaying the visit to a doctor because of the non-existence of any obvious illness in the body. Sometimes, we just limit ourselves to thinking that the signs and symptoms the body has shown are just a caused by minor ill health episode we have every now and then. Having simple symptoms does not guarantee you of acquiring the disease but it’s better to be safely checked by the doctor than not.

Laid out are the 10 general cancer signs and symptoms worth noting.

Skin Changes

If you start developing unusual moles or skin allergies appearing on your skin, you must seek for the help of a doctor. Moles can develop to skin cancer. People who are highly exposed to this type of cancer are those who indulge in excessive smoking and alcoholic drinkers who abuse themselves by taking their vices beyond the limit.

This also goes for the sores in mouth, abnormal hair growth in some parts of the body, darker or yellowish color phase of the skin and large growth of skin rashes.


You must immediately seek the attention of a physician if you are experiencing any of these:

  • blood in your pee
  • blood from the back passage
  • blood present in vomit
  • blood discharges from the vagina even after menstruation period or menopausal  stage.
  • blood on your stool

These bleeding discharges may show early or advanced signs of cancer. Although, these may also be signs of other infections such as urinary problem. Ask your physicians to clarify and conduct more tests to verify everything you are experiencing.


A simple increase of your body temperature does not always mean a simple matter. Fever indicates that the body’s fighting infection. With cancer patients, it is usual to have fever right after the cancer cells has taken a huge part from wherever part of the body it has started. This type of fever must be checked by the doctors for it may be the effect  of any blood related disease or stomach cancer.


If your cough does not go away after 3 to 4 weeks, this may mean a more serious matter. This can be a sign of lung cancer. Hoarseness of the voice or having a real trouble in swallowing due to swelling of the esophagus may also be a sign of throat cancer.


Pressure due to heavy load of work accounts for much more stress while unhealthy eating and drinking habits can also lead to heartburns. Take a good look into this kind of symptom for it can lead you to stomach problems or heart problems. Taking the right medication prescribed by the doctor makes a preventive precaution.


Pain that is unbearable perhaps signals sudden changes in your body system. This may  be excruciating to the patients who are already diagnosed with cancer due to the medication itself and the reaction of the cancer cells inside the body. Pain does not occur on the first stages of this disease, commonly this is present during the advanced parts. Various pains to be considered include neverending headaches which might be diagnosed as brain tumor and back pain for colon or ovarian cancer.

Sudden Weight Loss

In a study conducted by, As many as 40% of people with cancer report unexplained weight loss at the time of diagnosis, and up to 80% of people with advanced cancer experience weight loss. This are highly noticeable because of the difficulty for the patient to intake food in their system. These are actual effects of treatments and medication they are undergoing. However, when someone is diagnosed with any type of cancer, weight loss is evidently shown as it is the first sign which actually occurs.

Breast Changes

Noticing a lump forming on areas near your breast or any areas of the body? Might as well check for assistance from your general physician for further examinations to find out more about it. Screening tests such as mammogram, biopsy or breast MRI are useful to  know if these lumps are cancerous or noncancerous types.


Overwhelming tasks makes you feel heavy and stressed for a long a period of time. The feeling that your body never gets better even if you rest might be common to be a sign of cancer cell induced disease. High risk of fatigue may affect your daytime jobs even your resting time. Seek for a doctor to help you ease and have the right medication to avoid this from happening.

The symptoms above are also signs and symptoms of non-cancerous types of illness but we should always keep in mind that ignoring them won’t do us any good, as well as being paranoid about them. A balanced monitoring of signs and symptoms is key. And lastly, healthy living will always be the best fit from acquiring unhealthy ailments.

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