Fun Ways To Squeeze Quick Workouts Into Your Day

exerciseWhile some people already aim for 20 to 30 minutes of exercise daily, it will be beneficial to squeeze in extra movement whenever you have the opportunity. After all, your muscles have no idea whether you are on your way to the office or at a fancy gym. They’ll get toned as long as you keep working on them.

What’s more, these little things add up and help boost your metabolism. In fact, simply fidgeting can help burn up to 500 calories per day. Taking a minute or less to move your body has some benefits, but it should not replace your regular workouts. When life gets too hectic, use these exercises as a way to add extra fitness all day long.

  • Tuck That Tummy – Some people spend a lot of time relaxing in the living room in front of the TV. Instead of lounging on the couch for hours, lay down a blanket on the floor and do some crunches. Make a deal with yourself to do this easy exercise every commercial break.
  • Get Firm On The Phone – There has been research on how much the average person spends on their mobile device. In reviewing combined studies from Pew Research Center, Nielsen, SmartInsights, comScore, and other organizations, one conclusion becomes apparent – modern people spend over four hours or a full quarter of their waking hours on their phones.

If you can’t put down your device, at least make the most of your time by doing this simple workout. Press your back flat against the wall and bend your knees to a 45- to 90-degree angle. Hold this “sitting” position for as long as you can.

  • Work Those Legs – Try doing some squats while you brush your teeth at night or some leg lifts at your desk.
  • Clench That ButtSqueeze your butt muscles as you’re walking down the aisles of a grocery store, in the elevator, or while waiting for your turn in line. This is a highly effective exercise and no one will even notice you.
  • Add Some Steps To Your Day – Sneak in extra walking whenever you can. Take the stairs instead of the elevator at work, park your car far away from the store, or do a couple of laps of the mall before shopping this weekend. Remember that every step counts.
  • Get Lean While You Clean – You can burn up to 400 calories an hour by doing household chores – vacuuming, carrying laundry upstairs, dusting, and making your bed. You’re going to have to finish these tasks one way or another, so might as well turn on some energizing music and think of it as exercise.

Do small exercises throughout the day wherever and whenever you can – in your car, in the living room, while you’re sitting in front of the computer, or as you brush your teeth. A stretch and movement here and there will keep the oxygen flowing and shape your muscles. Turn every idle time into an opportunity to move your body. All of those quick workouts will add up to major health benefits.

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