Examining Complementary & Alternative Cancer Treatments Part 10: Fraudulent Cancer Treatments that Cause Further Damage to Your Body

It is quite alarming how cancer is continuously becoming more and more common among people, while scientific research in conventional medicine has little progress on developing cancer cures. This is why it is not surprising to  have so many cancer patients explore various complementary and alternative cancer treatments before deciding to further consult with an oncologist for conventional treatment methods.

While some patients visit alternative cancer treatment facilities that are licensed and certified by the proper authorities, there are still those unfortunate few who are drawn to online companies and “experts” who claim to have the product, equipment, or therapy that can help cure the debilitating disease.

There are many forms of greed, but one of the most cruel and selfish forms is health fraud. This is mainly because of the fact that providing sick people with wrong medication and treatment can ultimately cause their death—a worst-case scenario that is not as rare as one may think. If cancer patients do not die from depending on these misleading and inaccurate treatments, they can still suffer the damaging effects of these fake cures.

What is so saddening is that these kinds of information can reach almost anyone in the world who has access to the internet. In a couple of minutes, anyone with basic knowledge of the internet can create a website and start selling fake products and promoting false ideas, possibly getting more or less a hundred, or even a thousand, links per day.

The bad news is that anyone who is battling cancer or has a friend or relative who does, has a pretty wide understanding of the amount of fear and desperation that these people experience. There is no stopping them from giving in to the temptation to try anything that will give them an opportunity to find a cure and end their suffering.

To those unfamiliar with the process of certification, any medicinal product and device that is designed to treat cancer or its side effects need to get an approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before they can be released to the public for sale. All of these products have to conduct a series of tests and must follow the FDA’s strict guidelines and pass all health and safety regulations. The agency then reviews the products to ensure that they are effective and safe for public use.

Despite this attempt to regulate the products designed to cure cancer, bogus companies continue to proliferate at an alarming rate. They continue to promote their bogus alternative cancer treatment methods and products without any regard for the lives of those they are endangering by selling these fake cures. They come in various forms, such pills, tonics, and creams and are often sold as natural treatments or dietary supplements.

Now if you’re starting to worry about how to differentiate which ones are actually worth trying and what products to avoid, there are still ways to distinguish the good from the bad. It is important to reiterate, though, that many of these products appear completely harmless, and yet as time progresses, they can cause indirect damage to your mind and body. They can either impede recovery or cause further damage.

Although these peddlers have been around for so long, never have they gained so much advantage because the internet has provided them with a completely new and convenient way of selling their fake and harmful products. Now they can reach out to more people and fool countless cancer patients and their loved ones.

Popular Fake Remedies

Black salves are among the most popular alternative cancer treatments that have actually been proven to be extremely harmful to humans. Although it is illegal to sell these, they are, surprisingly, widely available online. Black salves, also known as Cansema, purportedly treat skin cancer by drawing out the cancerous organisms from under the skin.

Common ingredients include zinc chloride, chaparral, and bloodroot, which is used in herbal medicine. Bloodroot extract, called sanguinarine, is an ammonium salt that destroys living tissue.

These oily salves are highly corrosive and have been reported to burn off multiple layers of the skin, as well as the surrounding tissues. Many victims have experienced destroying or losing a sizable amount of their skin and were left with unsightly scars.

Another questionable “remedy” is the Hoxsey Cancer Treatment, an herbal remedy that has been sold for decades, even when FDA has already taken various regulatory actions to discredit the theory and completely eliminate it from the market since the 1950s. What would not surprise you? Again, it has no scientific evidence that it can treat cancer but many have been led to believe otherwise.

Keeping An Eye Out for False Claims

If you want to save yourself from being fooled and possibly harming yourself in the process, keep your eyes open for this telltale signs:

  • If its too good to be true, then it is most likely false. Most firms and “experts” that promote fraudulent alternative cancer treatments often exaggerate their claims to attract more potential customers.

  • If the site, company, or person selling the product is claiming that:

    • it can treat all types and forms of cancer

    • it can make skin cancer and the lesions disappear

    • it can reduce the size of malignant tumors

    • no harmful side effects

    • it can provide easy and safe treatment of cancers

  • If the product has too many successful testimonials that are not verified, unproven research claims, and so forth.

The key is to avoid fraudulent drugs that are generally unapproved and illegal. Marketing or selling these products are considered a violation of the law and can very much put someone in jail. The bottomline is for patients and their loved ones to be careful with the decisions that they make, as they can suffer the consequences sooner than they think. The effects can also complicate whatever condition they already have.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with considering alternative cancer treatment methods, they just have to make sure they do careful research and consult with one or two trusted health care professionals with excellent reputation and find out which ones are worth trying.

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Click here for our blog Disclaimer.