Eight Breast Cancer Organizations You need to Know

Breast Cancer Organizations

It’s October and that means it is again Breast Cancer Awareness month. While the statistics for breast cancer can be disheartening one must remember that there are many out there trying to undo what this disease is doing. Many organizations in and around Sacramento have joined national organizations to stand up and face this ongoing problem.

Whether they are raising money for an individual, a family, or the cure, the Breast Cancer Awareness communities are steady looking for a change. Here is a look at some organizations around us who are in it for the good fight.

Susan G. Komen | Sacramento Valley

This local group started in 1997 when the founding volunteers got together to host a golf tournament. Through locally hosted events the Susan G. Komen organization raises money for community-based programs that screen, educate, and diagnose women who can’t afford either preventative care or treatment.

Learn more about the Susan G. Komen organization here.

Making Strides of Sacramento

This walk is hosted by the American Cancer society with millions of people in over 300 communities nationwide that help support this cause. This 5k walk is to remember those who we have lost to breast cancer as well as raise awareness about reducing the risk of breast cancer.

Like the Komen organization,  Making Strides raises money for those who cannot afford treatment or mammograms. Even though this walk is over there are still plenty of ways you can help.

Carrie’s Touch

Started in memory of the founder’s mother, Carrie Eda, to “break the silence that adversely impacts the African American community with regard to breast cancer in order to significantly increase the number of survivors.” Carrie’s Touch was founded in 2010 and has been actively hosting events since.

The board of directors is comprised of African American women who want to inform the community and inspire surviors through home visits, support groups, and health fairs. The studies that have shown that African American have the lowest occurrences yet the highest death rates is the other driving force behind Carrie’s Touch.

Save Ourselves

Save Ourselves is another Sacramento based organization that is dedicated to the fight against breast cancer. They were founded in 1991 and have organized fundraising hikes and annual Walk for Breast Cancer walks. This year will mark their 4th annual Walk for Breast Cancer.

Their mission is “to ensure that no one faces breast cancer alone” and they show it by offering a 24-hour helpline for those affected by breast cancer. The helpline is run by survivors which offers callers a peer-to-peer understanding.

Rivals Unite to Fight Breast Cancer

Just outside of Sacramento there is a unique annual event which takes place in Stockton. Well, it is more of a friendly, 3-day fast-pitch softball tournament where  “100% of the net proceeds will go to an organizations affiliated with Breast Cancer research, treatment or prevention. The athletes will be given an opportunity to make the decision.”

All twelve programs of the San Joaquin Athletic Association and the Tri-City Athletic League agree to do this tournament. And, up through the 2013 tournament they have raised a total of $34,000.

Cars to Cure Breast Cancer

If you live in Sacramento, Stockton, or anywhere else in California, Cars to Cure Breast Cancer will come and pick up any car at no charge. Whether your barely runs or not doesn’t matter. Just call their toll-free number and they’ll arrange a time to come get it.

How are the cars used? They’re either recycled or auctioned off. Earned proceeds then go to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation to fund research and awareness programs.

It’s worth mentioning that The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is the only ‘A+’ on Charity Watch.

United Breast Cancer Research Foundation

This is another organization located in Stockton. They are a relatively new and small organization so they disperse their funds to larger organizations–acting as the middle-woman so to speak. Their funds come from taking donations of clothes and other household items and given to thrift stores to sell. Proceeds from all sales go to The American Cancer Society.

United Breast Cancer Research Foundation has no paid employees and is run entirely by volunteers. The gift of giving is worth its weight in gold.

Avon Foundation

The Avon Foundation is a powerful network of local organizations from all over the country to fight against breast cancer. They’ve also brought together nurses, patient navigators, educators and physicians through their forums to organize events and discuss the latest developments in Sacramento and anywhere else in the United States.

How do they achieve these goals? Taken from their site they:

  • “Fund: The Foundation makes grants to outstanding nonprofit organizations working with breast cancer populations, focusing on those that conduct research, educate, improve care, and offer critical support and services.


  • Convene: The Foundation convenes breast cancer care, research and direct service leaders to identify needs and new directions, share best practices and new advances, and ensure optimum outcomes and success of all funded programs.
  • Educate: The Foundation promotes education and awareness about breast health with general and targeted populations and the media to ensure that advances in breast cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment and research are well known, understood and accessible.
  • Initiate: The Foundation works with grantees, partners and leaders to launch new work and accelerate the impact of their achievements, including new research directions, key research projects, fostering and collaborative programs.”


There are so many organizations out there putting in good work to get rid of the most common cancer in women, other than skin cancer. The American Cancer Society’s estimates for breast cancer in the United States for 2014 are:

  • About 232,670 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in women.
  • About 62,570 new cases of carcinoma in situ (CIS) will be diagnosed (CIS is non-invasive and is the earliest form of breast cancer).
  • About 40,000 women will die from breast cancer

We can all hope these numbers start going down with the number of organizations continuing to rise.

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