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Thomas Andrews Alternative Prostate Cancer Testimonial



Prostate Cancer

Thomas' Testimonial

Tom: Alright, uhm, my name is Tom and this is my wife Joyce and we’re from Memphis, Tennessee, we came here almost twelve(12) days ago to San Luis, to New Hope Unlimited. I was diagnosed a little over four(4) years ago with stage four(4) prostate cancer and I’ve been through a number of treatments prior to this. We, by accident found this place on the internet and I was impressed with the presentation and the follow up and the staff and Doctor Branyon is wonderful! The education you get here, the treatments that you get here.

Joyce: Honestly, I was a little bit negative when Tom wanted to do this, I wasn’t really sure about it but he convinced me and I decided that, well, this is his body and I will support him and go along with that and once I got here and just being here listening to lectures and everything that they do it has totally turned me around and my way of thinking.

Tom: The one thing I would say is that they are very very positive and very open to your needs, as you can see, I’m on my last IV here which is exciting so I would encourage you if you’re are watching this to check it out, investigate and the staff will be getting back to you and it’s not just a one time program, there’s good follow up for a while afterwards even while you were at home, so, and that’s what excited me about this, was the fact that it’s not just a one time treatment and you’re done. They care about you, they want you to get well and they follow up with you, so come and visit Mexico!