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Sharon Romaniello – Alternative Breast Cancer Testimonial



Breast Cancer

Sharon's Testimonial

Jun:  Jun and Sharon Romaniello were from Northeast Pennsylvania, and we came down here to treat my bride here to the best treatment we found possible, unbelievable.

Sharon:  I was diagnosed back in 2009 with breast cancer, and they did a lumpectomy, and I did chemo, and radiation, and then 6 years later it showed up again underneath my collarbone. I had radiation done, and then just this past October of 2017 they found 2 spots on my lung, and at that point, I decided no more chemo, no more radiation. I wanted to find something that was more healthier; an alternative than the chemicals of chemo, so I started to look and I found New Hope Unlimited, checked it out, asked questions. I even called a person that had been a patient here and that tipped the scales for me to come.

Jun:  And she talked to me as well, I wasn’t so on-board, so she said would you call back, and talk to me, and she answered all my questions satisfactorily, and I felt confident that it was right.

Sharon: So we made the trip, we prayed about it, made the trip.

Jun: Lots of prayer.

Sharon: And what I felt is I felt like I was on a 12-day date with God, and I felt that God put his best foot forward. When you’re dating you put your best foot forward. And I felt that God was wooing me into his presence and gave me a place that I felt safe, I was a little afraid but God gave me peace, and it’s been a wonderful journey. I would not trade this journey for a month on the beach. This has been a blessing, It’s changed my life. I’m very grateful for all the doctors, and the nurses, and the staff, the cooks, the chefs. If anybody has any doubts, please check it out, and its wonderful.

Jun: The Lord got her over her chamber of fears as well.

Sharon: It’s been great, it’s been a great success, a great journey, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart everyday for the change and the HOPE, and everything in me. Thank you.

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