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Robert Naraine – Alternative Cancer Treatment Testimonial




Robert's Testimonial

Robert: My name is Robert Naraine, I’m from New York. I was diagnosed with cancer in December of 2016, stage four(4) cancer. I did fifty(50) treatments of chemotherapy and subsequent to that, I have decided to do it naturally but apparently the cancer came back so I started to look for an alternative medicine to cure my cancer. I have reviewed many hospitals and clinics throughout the United States and Mexico.

I found New Hope Unlimited, I get some research and I was also referred to New Hope from a former patient. I was a bit apprehensive. I was so close to not coming on the plane from New York to Arizona, I have decided to land, jump on another plane and go back but something told me to keep going, I came, and I’m not surprised or unhappy that I came. I am very very pleased with the treatments, all of my blood results have changed drastically for the better, my attitude is better and I do not think I will be going into a remission, I think I will be cured, that is my attitude.

The people here are the best, they care a lot about treating you, as a matter of fact, the very first day I came they set treatment stalls in the first that you get here, its a twelve(12) day program and no doubt, the day I came in to the clinic along with the other patients the treatment started and every single day subsequent to that the treatment started around 7 to 7:30 AM and probably ended around 9:30. I strongly believe these treatments will cure me, I’m very very happy I came here and I will refer this clinic to anyone who has cancer or as a matter of fact and the other type of debilitating disease. I thank New Hope.


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