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Prostate Cancer

Mark's Testimonial

Hi my name is Mark. My journey with New Hope began about nine days ago. Shortly after I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I got a Gleason score seven, three and a four for those of you that know what prostate cancer is, I'm sure you know what that is. It's early intermediate stage and I come from New York and when I did some homework and I tried to find the right surgeons because they advised me that I should have full removal on my prostate. I found that I had to wait probably a month until I got to see surgeon just for console. And on top of that, I'll probably have to wait maybe another month for a procedure and I really didn't want to wait. So my wife Marylene, here with me, found New Hope through the internet as she was looking for alternative surgery, alternative therapies, because she's a nurse also and she's aware of potential negative outcomes of surgery. She didn't want me to have surgery if I could help it. So we began researching and so I've spent about a little over a week at New Hope here in Mexico. With the corporate center being in Phoenix, obviously I was skeptical about Mexico from everything I've heard. And I have to say that all of that is a lot of stereotypes but until you come and experience it for yourself, you don't know people new hope are just very warm. And they have a long track record of success with the therapies they believe in immunotherapy and immune support, as opposed to destructive therapies like radiation and chemo and surgery. So the doctors here advised me to go through that course of treatment, which is about four months. And I'm extremely helpful and as they are to that I won't need surgery. At any point down the road, as long as I follow their protocols, they have very specific with their protocol, which includes, you know, detox, and just a full, you know, understanding of diet and how it plays a role in supporting the immune system. What I will say about also new hope is that the center in Mexico is a small facility. And I say that with emphasis because it's about five benefits. But what that means is you get personalized care around the clock. I mean, when you go into hospital in the States, it's a totally different experience. And, you know, many of the staff are overworked and needless to say, you know, in the states they say that once you go into hospital, you know, you really have a tough time getting out because of infectious diseases and everything that exists in the hospital but in any event, I find my experience and new hope to be so far life changing for me, in terms of my whole attitude, and my expectations with my treatment, my lifestyle will undoubtedly change as many people's lifestyle changes with cancer. But for the better and it will also affect my wife and my family for the better with the regimen. In the protocols that you will teaches us with our diet and stress management and everything else. So all in all, it's worth every penny to come to New Hope.

Dr. Branyon is really incredible and very warm and just very knowledgeable and she's at the forefront of day care and immunotherapy. So I urge all of you to, you know, do your homework, and you'll find, listen to testimonials, which is what I did and why I'm doing this. Because you can reach out to new hope and reach out to some patients through New Hope. And I think you'll come to the conclusion rather quickly that this is probably the best care that you're going to get for any stage of cancer. Not just you know early intermediate, but four stage cancer, pancreatic cancer, some of the toughest cancers they treated with very, very high success rate. From what I've been told it's over 80% success rate, which is very high. So that's my story. So my wife wants to say a few words about it, possibly in terms of what it's done for her and her. Just her easing her mind.


Okay, so I don't know how I'm gonna start it with but I just want to know, I just want to tell you how I come up with how I came up with convincing my husband to look up to New Hope, actually, in my heart, I know God led us here. Okay. God has given us all the science since I saw New Hope through the internet. And even before New Hope, I actually started changing our lifestyle living to a better or healthy lifestyle. So I'm really, really very happy. And I'm very, very grateful to God, that He led us to New Hope, because I could feel even when we were at the hotel before we came over here, there were already signs. The driver of the hotel told us a story about the New Hope patients, New Hope patients that he service, and also on the way here, we met another patient of New Hope. If I may say his case, he had four stage pancreatic cancer metastatic to the liver and then Chemotherapy didn't do anything to him until he found new hope. And when after his treatment, he's in remission. And he's here for a second session for booster, I would say right, and we're all very positive that he'll be in total remission if you use. So that's that makes me more happy and now I totally understand from the day on from day one here, and even for after few days I saw the big improvement in my husband's health. He used to have a lot of he complains a lot about his joint pains, gastric reflux and all that. But in few days after detoxification I see all of those subsided and even his sleep pattern change his lip, his lips well and in a matter of few days. It's really amazing. Like he mentioned I've been a nurse for almost 30 years and this experience our journey to this holistic natural intervention immunotherapy is really has really given me more of appreciation and empathy to the patients that I handle.

I know sorry. I know this, I'm sorry.

I know the species go over to the hospital for several surgeries especially. I feel how they feel, although politically we cannot show or tell about God to hit them right but in my heart, I pray for them and when Mark, my husband, was diagnosed of cancer. In my mind, I was scared of course. But in my mind and in my heart, I felt like it's so easy to stop people who have cancer to console them, you know. But when it strikes you and your family or your loved one, it feels different. But when you have Jesus Christ in your heart, you will not be worried. There's no you're not be fearful at all, because you know, is there and He will guide you in everything that's happening in our life right now. Even when he was diagnosed, I know that it was a blessing. It is indeed a blessing because just today I get very, I get a bit of good news, my sister. That's all I can say and everything in our heart. Anything that we can help to other people, all these experiences that we have, we are more than happy to share to every people and I'm sure that this journey will really touch a lot of lives. And please don't hesitate, whatever. If you want to call us contact us for anything that may help you emotionally or physically, just let us know. And then you can contact us anytime. And just believe that now I learned from new hope that our body has the ability to restore, to heal and to regenerate, regenerate because God created nothing but good for all of us.


And it's all about education. Yeah.


Attitude like Dr. Branyon said attitude is everything


that's a good one. Good luck on your journey.


Thank you Thank you for all the wonderful people here I didn't really expect the the love the work and support of all the wonderful people here in everybody who are served as the people who are that we are surrounded with, from Young Living from church of Christ and my love was friends and many family here new hope I'm sure we'll get to miss them when we live. You know. Thank you so much and have a good day.

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