alternative treatments for cancer

Ethan Bauch

It was a difficult crossroad. After hearing the diagnosis of lymphoma from my oncologist, and the possible ramifications of this disease, I began feeling that no matter how I had changed my diet or how many supplements I was taking, perhaps I could not control this thing myself. Despite all the evidence on the internet that one can cure cancer without chemotherapy, surgery or radiation, I had the nagging feeling that things might be spreading and that if I didn’t do something quick, I could die at 48 years old.

Something had to be done, but what? After having seen how chemo had devastated my father’s immune system and ultimately caused his death a few years ago, I had pretty much decided that chemo was not an option for me. The oncologist was telling me the opposite. He was encouraging me to get started immediately. Everyone told me that lymphoma responds well to chemo and that the success rate is very high. I still wasn’t interested.

My wife and I began to research every alternative approach we could get our hands on. We began consulting with “alternative” and “complimentary” doctors almost on a daily basis. Then, in the course of my online research, I found the New Hope Medical Center located in Scottsdale Arizona. At the end of November, it was already turning out to be a brutal winter in NY, and between the stress of commuting, working, the cold weather and faced with my mortality, Arizona sounded pretty good to me. I dialed the number.

That phone call may just have saved my life. Within a few minutes, a representative from the clinic explained the basic philosophy of New Hope to me which was exactly in sync with my own. She answered all my questions and put me at ease immediately. I discussed it with my wife, and within a few days, we made the decision to head to Arizona. I was amazed at how smoothly things went once we’d made that decision. Lodging was arranged for us as was a rental car. In fact, with the exception of booking the flights ourselves, all the stress was taken out of the travel process and handled by the folks at New Hope.

The real surprise though, came when we arrived at the clinic. Although they had every medical tool they needed, the facility could not have been any less like a clinic. The center was housed in a beautifully furnished private home located in one of Scottsdale’s exclusive gated communities. The people were friendly, warm and caring and we got an immediate feeling of relief just walking through the door.

I spent 3 weeks being cared for by consummate professionals as if I was in my own home. But it was much more than just being cared for. They taught me through example, what I needed to be doing to heal myself. We discussed philosophy, nutrition, spirituality and health care among many other subjects. We ate home cooked gourmet meals every day and learned that eating healthily could also be delicious and did not have to be complicated. But most importantly, we learned what we needed to do once we left the clinic and how to take care of ourselves so that the healing process could continue without missing a beat.

Well, I can tell you that it has not always been easy. Like any other treatment, there have been good days and there have been bad days. But overall, since first walking through the New Hope doors on that December morning, I have always felt that I am on the right track and that I am on my way to achieving total health once again.

They say that one picture is worth a thousand words. Well, the pictures above tell a story that anyone in my condition has got to appreciate. It’s the true story of healing and gaining health.The “before” pictures were taken in early December, 2003 on the day after I arrived in Arizona. The “after” pictures were taken in my home in early May, 2004.

The first thing you may notice is that the lump in my neck has been reduced substantially. In fact, it’s almost gone, along with the associated pain and discomfort. But moreover, because of the healthful diet I’ve been on, I’ve lost over 60 pounds which I’ve wanted to lose for over 15 years. You may also notice that my complexion has improved and that there is renewed energy in my eyes. These photos were taken with a digital camera, but, with the exception of being cropped to fit this document, have not been edited in any way.

This is really what’s been happening to me since I went to New Hope, and it’s very encouraging and exciting. You should see the look on my local doctor’s face when he sees my progress- without chemo, radiation or surgery! You can hear miraculous stories from many other former New Hope patients. In fact, I witnessed some of those miracles in other patients while I was there. This is my story, and I really wanted to share it with you so that you might gain and experience New Hope as I did.

If you are at the crossroads as I was, I urge you to just make that call. You’ll be so glad you did.

Ethan Bauch
Bloomfield, NJ
May 5, 2004