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Wanda Jones – Adrenal Cancer Survivor



Adrenal Cancer

Wanda's Testimonial

  WANDA: Hello! My name is Wanda Jones, I’m here from North Carolina in San Luis. LAMAR JONES: San Luis, México WANDA: I came here for alternative cancer treatment just been nothing but next level. This is our second time coming. LAMAR: Back in June of 2016, the doctor said, basically said they didn’t know what else to do. So, we were left with the challenge and the job of finding our own treatment. While we were looking and stressing about what we do next, out of the blue we got a call from Cindy Kicklighter, from a friend that knows a friend, that knows a friend and she told us about this place and we looked at it and we decided to you know, let's take a shot. WANDA: And we came, the first time in June and we came back on our second treatment. This time because we just felt need to do so, there was some other application in a situation that we felt this was the best place for us and we're extremely glad that we came. This is a very, very top-of-the-line facility, I recommend it to anybody, brand new state of the art, facility, the doctors are extremely, extremely knowledgeable about what they do. No traditional treatment. The traditional treatment was not working for me at all. I went through 3 different times of chemo. The cancer that I have is called adrenal cancer and it came back for the second time it was terminal stage 4. And after the chemo did not work and we did 3 types of aggressive chemo. The tumor actually was still growing even with chemo, from three centimeters to seven centimeters even with the chemo. So it was just kind of aggressive and we just felt that do not have enough time to do a lot of waiting and wondering so we decided to come here and I’m so glad we did. The first treatment was very well and we believe a second treatment will be you know, very much, much, much, much better and, I recommend anybody to consider it, that you come. The place is really nice, you don't really have to be that concerned about coming to Mexico. You come into Yuma, Arizona and it’s about 30 - 45 minutes ride across the border and you’re here. This is like I say a brand new top of the line facility I don’t think you’ll be disappointed whatsoever at all. LAMAR: To anyone who’s struggling with a decision, who's struggling with cancer. WANDA: Tradition is not working for you then I highly, highly, highly recommend that you give New Hope a shot. LAMAR: This is a state of the art building but it is more than the people are state in the art. They are spending time with you, they will educate you, they want you feel comfortable they go out of their way to make you comfortable from the cook all the way down to the maintenance man. They are very, very nice people. We feel like VIP’s here, we feel like family here and we plan on coming back. Just to visit. WANDA: I really really suggests that you give this place a try. You won’t regret it.
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